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Focus ST is mine As far back as 4 years ago I fancied a Focus ST. Unfortunately, the north american product team at Ford never thought it was "homologated" for the US market until 4 months ago when I was finally able to place an order for my current dream car. Today I finally took delivery of the beast. I arrived in full creep gear with my Focus ST hat and badge (from Myrn) and happily dispensed with a significant amount of cash for the privilige of driving what I've been obsessing about for years. The 1,000 mile break-in period is like a torture sentence, and I've considered putting a block of some sort under the gas to keep me honest. Tonight was also the release of Borderlands 2, so James and I took it for a spin to pickup our copies of the game. The Gamestop manager asked who had the Focus ST, so already I'm a superstar.
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