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As a manual transmission fanatic, I'm always entertained by people with shift-tronic, tiptronic, or steptronic transmissions who are convinced they drive a manual transmission vehicle. There's no talking them out of it, so I don't even bother telling them the presence of a torque converter disqualifies it from the definition. Driving a manual seems to have become more important as a status symbol than an actual performance advantage, so marketing has successfully convinced a great majority they are one and the same. Enter the hill start assist introduced by Dodge for the 2009 Challenger (thanks Enorym). It looks like a sufficient number of people didn't swallow the automatic-as-manual pill, and now instead of glorifying a power-sucking torque converter into a manual, a genuine manual transmission has an assist to help novices get over the fear of starting off from an incline. I just hope there are enough people who know what a torque converter is opt for the manual on this model, and the demise of the manual transmission is delayed long enough for my 2011 Focus ST.
User Comments for 11-06-2008:
I love manual transmissions, however ive grown soft. Next car most likely will be a 2010 or 2011 Camaro SS. I will opt for the automatic transmission with tiptronic shift BECAUSE it will have active fuel management. Not only will it have will have 20 less hp and tq than the manual and 200lbs more metal behind the weight but will run a 13.2 vs a 13.4 for the manual. Loida refuses to drive a stick in fear of too much control. So my last manual car will be my mustang.
Today I died a little bit.
[11:50] Brad Lloyd: Your abandonment of the manual transmission has forced me to discontinue contact with you
[11:50] Brad Lloyd: goodbye
[11:51] Meebo Message: Brad Lloyd is offline
Yo I kick my G6 into M1 and hit the rev limiter at every light yo so i can kill that Neon! it is wicked fast with the tip tiptronic engaged and all 4cyl's beware of my mighty manual/automatic 6cyl dawg!
Wow there's a lot of gayity going on here.
I am also a fan and member of the true manual transmission club... gayity with the rest of ya.
Stavos...don't forget to open up that triple pane skylight for extra down force.
TRIPLE PANE!? I need an upgrade!
So Brad, if you get a 2011 Focus ST,what will happen to your Cougar?
Silvercup, I believe you mean cougay.
Hill start assist has been around longer than the Challenger. Nissan's had it for years.

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