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This server provides hosting for various projects under development. When these projects cross over into useful web applications, they are listed under the Hosted Domains or Web Applications menus. The purpose is to provide a live development environment for myself and others that request access. I also use it as my personal soapbox.
Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-16-2022 Webserver Bling Upgrade To Maximum View Webcam for 11-16-2022 NO COMMENTS
New Server My trusty Asus TS10 Atom x5 Z8350 which has powered this webserver since 2018 was replaced by the ultra golden RGB monstrosity Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF Treasure Box today. I could not pass up this ridiculous purchase, and upon arrival it felt perfect for serving up nonsense on the interwebs. The new server eats up 20 watts, vs the old TS10 which only pulled 5 watts. The RGB and golden bling are well worth the wattage increase obviously, and the impressive hardware upgrades are a nice bonus. Surf confidently, knowing your packets are being generated on the most gawdy PC available on this planet.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-25-2022 Chia Plotting Makes Drives Tired View Webcam for 06-25-2022 NO COMMENTS
After burning up both my Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe and my SK Hynix PC711 NVMe creating Chia plots to fill my ever hungry crypto farm, I decided to slow my roll a bit. While the two cheap 240GB SATA drives I purchased to help generate plots never really performed that well, I was curious if a RAID 0 configuration would help give them a boost to get closer to my fabulous NVMe performance. That answer was decidedly no, with only about 1/6 the NVMe speeds achieved. However, with my NVMe drives now throwing SMART alerts I'll stick with this setup until the farmer fills up or they fail. Whatever happens first.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-24-2022 Crypto Conversion to Chia Complete View Webcam for 06-24-2022 NO COMMENTS
After completely converting my old crypto mining machine above my fridge from Ethereum proof-of-work GPU mining to Chia proof-of-space farming, I decided to spruce it up a bit. Instead of hiding it on top of my dusty fridge I decided to turn it into an art piece and mount it on my wall. Of course you can follow along at my dedicated status page or my chia wallet. With all my GPUs sold at maximum profit, that leaves two spare PCs with nothing to do except mine Raptoreum until their CPUs burn out.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-23-2022 Husqvarna Automower 315x View Webcam for 06-23-2022 NO COMMENTS
With the summer weather approaching 90°, I decided I do not want to mow my yard anymore. Fortunately, a wide variety of robotic lawnmowers are available, and after some research I landed on the Husqvarna Automower 315x. I immediately set about making a bunch of YouTube videos, and eventually discovered the developer portal. This of course necessitated a new dedicated web application which now tracks my robotic mower as it meanders aimlessly across my yard saving me from heat stroke.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-06-2022 Goodbye Forever eBay View Webcam for 06-06-2022 NO COMMENTS
I am closing my eBay account of 23 years today thanks their absurd seller policies that allowed the following individual to completely rip me off.
I'm posting this here as a warning to stay away from this idiot, or in case someone else searches for him and needs additional evidence against him.

eBay ID: herringtonelectronics
eBay URL:
Physical Address:
Stephen Herrington / Tait Herrington
3693 Kirkland Dr
East Tawas, Michigan 48730-9544

Click here for the full timeline of events
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-12-2021 Ramping Up The Crypto Currency View Webcam for 05-12-2021 NO COMMENTS
With the recent explosion of Ethereum cryptocurrency, I've upped my GPU game to a 2080 and 3 1060s for a total of 104 MH/s @ 500 watts. That currently nets me $700/month, which is nuts. I can't get any more GPUs since I refuse to pay 200% over MSRP for one, so I decided to add the proof-of-space crypto Chia. I have plenty of old hard drives to fill up with plotting, so my recently converted to integrated graphics primary PC has been assigned to the cause. While not nearly as profitable, it's enjoyable to see all drives hit 100% utilization while plotting as fast as I can.
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