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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-01-2012 Focus ST Ordered! View Webcam for 05-01-2012 2 COMMENTS
Focust ST Today is the day I finally order my Focus ST. My 13 year old Cougar has been showing it's age for some time, but I refused to buy a naturally aspirated car and the current forced induction vehicles on the market did nothing for me. Enter the Focus ST rumors almost a year ago to which I clung desperately. While a huge fan of the new Focus when it launched last year, I knew I'd need more than the 160hp the standard engine produced, and I wasn't keen on another aftermarket option, so the ST became my new fanboy obsession. After spotty reports of vehicle testing, tuning, and engineering sign off I'm finally on the precipice of greatness.
UPDATE: It's official, I'm all ordered up and in the queue
User Comments for 05-01-2012:
Sure it takes you a month to post random articles on here but when your car has a list... WTF 29k for a FOCUS ARE YOU NUTS!
The Senator
I'm going to need a scanned copy of the receipt.

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