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Silverdome Autocross With my new car delivered less than a week ago, it was time to beat the crap out of it. Having just barely 500 miles on the odometer, I decided break-in was good enough and signed up for it's first Autocross. I was of course the star of the show, with no less than 10 people asking how well it drove and how the seats were on long trips. I replied with "awesome" and "it only has 500 miles so I don't know." Compared to the Cougar, this car handled like it was on rails. I decided to turn off all stability/traction control for my runs, but in hindsight wish I had tried a few with it on. My classification was under question since I had street tires and the car has only been available for two weeks, but my assigned group had nothing to worry about since the 80% driver, 20% car rule was in full force. Hopefully during my next race I'll be slightly less excited and maybe get my side of the equation up to 50%.
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