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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-15-2012 Happy Birthday Lexi View Webcam for 09-15-2012 1 COMMENT
Lexi Party Back to back birthday weekends is where it's at. While the last party had pinatas, parachutes and animals, Lexi's party had cotton candy and a bouncy castle. It's clear to me now that I underfunded Lilas party, but she is partly to blame having been born on a day that prevents any outdoor activity. Our first stop was the bouncy castle, where Lila was initially unsure of what to do, but quickly got the idea. Her lack of mass was a disadvantage, especially when bigger kids joined the bouncing, but it was easily her favorite thing of the whole party. To combat this lack of mass, she immediately began eating cotton candy which was a source of confusion at first, not knowing if it was something to eat or play with. After tying baloons to her failed to amuse me, I decided to write a warning about her recently soiled diaper on one and begin the public humiliation she will have to endure her entire life with me as her father.
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So Parachuting into a bouncy house for Lexi's 2nd birthday. Got it.
Senator Kelley

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