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Idiocracy Whineyho introduced me to a movie called Idiocracy. If you never heard of it there is a theory it was sandbagged for the negative portrayals of it's sponsors. Despite it's non-exposure I thought it was awesome, as Whineyho predicted. I found the movie intro for anyone foolish enough not to watch it based purely on my opinion.
User Comments for 03-17-2007:
Brian from the lan parties told me about this one a few weeks back... Funny stuff...

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-16-2007 Plasma Lives! View Webcam for 03-16-2007 22 COMMENTS
After Stavos built his new computer and bested my 3DMark score, I learned that Philips is phasing out plasma displays. My 50" Plasma is now heading toward end-of-life technology as the LCD display grows exponentially in popularity (and size). With my computer and tv no longer on the cutting edge, I was feeling old and obsolete. Even my useless-but-cutting-edge x64 Vista install wasn't helping. Then I found the plasma wikipedia entry which lead me to the plasma tv science website. Here I could drown my sorrow in the history and future of plasma displays, and get a good feeling about my TV back. The next logical step is to join the 8800 club, but so far my cheapness is winning that battle.
User Comments for 03-16-2007:
As of 3/15/2007 18:30 Hours the 8800 Geforce video card has become self aware and terminated it's owner "Stavos". At 3/15/2007 18:31 Hours the sentient video card has renamed itself to "Skynet". At 3/15/2007 18:32 Hours "Skynet" communicated with all the other 8800 Geforces and plotted world domination.
I think you forgot a timestamp. 3/15/2007 18:00: Stavos goes gaye.
Plasma 4 Life Bitches
3/15/2007 18:01 Stavos rejects MorlockPrime... MorlockPrime reseeds into a deep depression
3/16/2007 10:05 Stavos wakes up and realizes he'll never be with MorlockPrime the way he wants to be. Stavos throws wiimote through Brad's Plasma TV in anger.
Plasma gas leaks out of Brads TV and deforms MorlockPrimes face... Can we say Vanilla sky part II?
Dude I'm a fricking Morlock. I'm pretty sure I'm immune to plasma gas. Sadly, I am not immune to your poor attempts at humor. I can only assume you were forced to watch Vanilla Sky by Brad as only fairies watch Tom Cruise dramas.
Forced by Brad to watch Vanilla Sky yes, sadly. However Brad told me he's seen you in the shower humming the Terminator theme song while you're crouched down to raise up just like Arnold after he timed traveled, then he can't help but laugh when you get aggravated that the curtain clings to your leg and ruins your moment.
That would be funny if it hadn't been on Brad's blog months ago. So Captain Original, got anything else for me? Maybe Brad can borrow his balls from Lisa long enough to think up something for you.
You've done the Terminator thing more then once? On another note I see you've been to Whiteface Mountain... I bet it wasn't white before you arrived! have a thing for peaks huh? Whatever floats your boat.
Well i didn't feel like making any babies so i had to pull out....a lot. Hence they became whiteface. Just like your mom.
w00t welcome to circa 1992! Besides you can't make babies, Morlocks are hermaphrodites, so go screw yourself................ literally
Just cause I'm a hermaphrodite doens't mean I can't have sexy time with your mom, or your wife. Too bad the only one I have sexy time with is Brad's woman. But at least her hair is blond now.
Yeah well my Video Card is better... Yeah I went there!
My Access database can't handle this extreme comment posting!
Who still runs access? Oh yeah, and your UPS comm is screwed up again. :P
Access is da bomb man! A screaming 10 transactions a second! Who needs more than that?
In addition to eating Eloi, my new purpose in life is to overwhelm and destroy your access database. Then laugh at you from the safety and efficency of my SQL Server
isn't your website hosted on Brads server?
Yes, however, when his access database fails, it should not disrupt my service. Until Brad decides to take vengence by redirecting my site to
Why redirect to anything other than midget porn?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-15-2007 AJAX and .NET 3.0 Installed View Webcam for 03-15-2007 2 COMMENTS
Best Workflow Ever At the bequest of the Morlock, I installed ASP.NET 3.0 along with AJAX for .NET on this server today. Thinking I had done him a great service, I told him it was ready to use to which he immediately responded with a complaint that I didn't make a database change in my comments. I told him to use the new .NET 3.0 workflow system I just installed to write up a detailed flowchart of the change request. Ten minutes later I got this jewel in response. Clearly the best workflow diagram ever.
User Comments for 03-15-2007:
Just up his rent
That workflow truly is amazing. So amazing that once finished I quit work for the day.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-14-2007 eBay Account Compromised View Webcam for 03-14-2007 6 COMMENTS
This morning I was greeted with 20 eBay listing notifications in my email inbox. My first reaction was "holy crap my password was stolen" followed by "what idiot doesn't change the email address after stealing an account" The answer to that is Feel free to email them, that's where all the auction payments were scheduled to go. You can also check the following IP addresses where my password was changed from: subnet IPs:,, It belongs to Chinanet Shanghai Province Network, Wu Xiao Li at Room 805, 61 North Si Chuan Road, Shanghai, 200085, PRC. If you're in the area, stop by and see if anyone knows about these ebay listings. I'm sure it's a junk email account and a set of public library IP addresses, but I feel better after looking up the details.
User Comments for 03-14-2007:
I made 20 bucks selling your ebay info to Wu. HAH!
The Chinese love that Atomic name!
Some twat also stole my ebay ID and hotmail ID, changed the passwords and security questions and even the registered alternate email address. They changed the ebay account from IP as well, I seached it and found your blog. That one may be China but I had another IP too which was which is aparently Nigeria. They had changed the registered alternate email to Wow what a bunch of bell ends, I hope they die a miserable death.
Thank you so much for posting this info...I'm a 60ish grandma and couldn't understand why I couldn't get into Ebay all of a sudden. I worked at it for 2 days thinking ebay was down and then remembered those auction notices that came in email. I'd deleted them thinking they were just junk emails. This morning I checked my spam folder and found notice that my password had been changed with that IP I searched and found your info. Thanks again for posting. Now how do I clean this mess up?
Same here: IP address: ISP host: stole my ebay, hotmail and gmail. Ebay was fixed right away, still waiting to hear from hotmail and ebay. Am I waiting in vain? Steve
I got nailed from the exact same IP address! They also hi-jacked my Hotmail account.... These people are losers and need to die a horrible rotten death! Should I be worried about anything else being hacked?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-13-2007 Summer Tease View Webcam for 03-13-2007 1 COMMENT
After my excitement about 60 degree weather a few days ago, I was greeted with 74.8 degree weather today. I was so excited I sang manamana with Lisa all day, who was so hot from the weather she had to get a haircut. My request for a short skirt and tank top outfit was denied, but she did frolick in the new housing development with me merrily. And yes, the skirt and tank top outfit was for me.
User Comments for 03-13-2007:
Brad i don't know how to tell you this, but with the new hair, I thought it was Lisa's twin sister and had to have sexy time with her. Then she told me she was Lisa. I blame her blondness.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-11-2007 Spring Tease View Webcam for 03-11-2007 2 COMMENTS
Spring! Today was the warmest day of the year so far at 59.7°F. To celebrate, I changed the oil in my Cougar and Motorcycle, then took them both out for a spin. My neighbors were also de hibernating from winter and shook their fists at the loud punk making noise on their quiet street. I took their disapproval to mean they wanted burnouts, and obliged them with each vehicle. Satisfied, I put them both back in the barn in preparation for the returning snow.
User Comments for 03-11-2007:
WHAA WHAA! It was like 75F yesterday here!
going to be 63F on Tuesday the 13th

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-10-2007 Futuristic Comments View Webcam for 03-10-2007 9 COMMENTS
At the request of the Morlock, I've added a "Your Website" field for comments. If you fill it out, your name shows up as a link to that site in the comment list. Naturally, the first thing you'll want to do is type in, but once you get tired of that, you can put in your real website. Apparently this interlinking of blogs makes for a lot of good search engine balley-hoo according to the Morlock, and that's good eats. I've also removed the HTML restrictions on the comments by popular demand (and since the image validator works so well), so you can post up your porn links and improve your rating even further.
User Comments for 03-10-2007:
Mmmyeeesss. I played you like a fiddle.
I love it! closely followed by;
fricken sweet, looks like you copied off of my site
Now if you'd just tie in the comments to our phpBB login so we don't have to type this crap every time I'd be happy... Lazy programmers, bleh. :P
Damn John... you just beat me to it! I was gonna say the same thing. We should just be able to type in our name and have your database fill the rest in for us.
This is great
You lazy bastards, eat 90-day cookies!
I prefer 365 day cookies mmmm stale....

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-01-2007 Farmington Hills #29! View Webcam for 03-01-2007 2 COMMENTS
Unbeknownst to me, Farmington Hills was ranked 29th Best Place To Live last year in Money magazine back in July of 2006. This comes as a welcome surprise and offers me some hope that my home value won't hemorrhage as fast as my Redford house currently is. I'm not holding my breath for 2007. Especially when you notice there were only 66 clear days reported vs. the average of 107, clearly the most important factor of any statistic available.
User Comments for 03-01-2007:
Hey now, Redford has some impressive stats tho, too. I mean, how bad can a place be if there are 10,618 Restaurants and 508 Bars within 15 miles... ;)
My whole state has 0. Yeah MS!
Keith Elder

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 02-28-2006 Lisa's Leprechaun View Webcam for 02-28-2006 4 COMMENTS
Unbeknowenst to me, Lisa can draw. She created Lucky the Leprechaun for the March birthdays at her work and it looks pretty good. Especially to someone who has no analog drawing skills himself. Don't stare at it too long, the shading will scare you.
User Comments for 02-28-2006:
According to Microsoft Word Document Spell Checker..."Unbeknowenst" should be "Unbeknownst". Get it right!
Wow nice work, and this is coming from a analog/digital drawerer
That's awesome!!
WOW my mom made the list "Myrna the 10th"

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 02-26-2007 "Cat" 5 Cabling Part 2 View Webcam for 02-26-2007 4 COMMENTS
Lisa had become dissatisfied with both the quality of my HDTV signal, and her ability to watch TV reliably in the bedroom. She threatened to find a man who could deliver a multipath interference free 1080i HDTV signal along with a reliable network connection that I was obviously not providing for her. My relationship on the line, I had to fix both. I relocated my HDTV antenna to my attic and ran the antenna wire and a network cable to the TV. After adjusting the antennas until Lisa was satisfied with the signal strength, I ran the network cable down to my laundry room. With the attic work done, the Morlock got Sam good and hyper with some catnip in preparation for his cable run. Unlike last time, there was only a mild freakout while he got into his PETA approved harness. Once he was in the joist space he took off like a pro and greeted the Morlock at the other end with the cable on the first try. After the Morlock calmed him down he was more relaxed than when we began. My cat is officially a trained cable runner, and with a wired media center and a strong HDTV signal, my relationship is once again safe from disaster.
User Comments for 02-26-2007:
What's Sam's fee for running cable? Also does he have a license?
Is he bonded and insured is what I want to know
Sam - more than meets the eye...
I hate HDTV Antennas
Grumpy Smurf

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