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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-15-2007 AJAX and .NET 3.0 Installed View Webcam for 03-15-2007 2 COMMENTS
Best Workflow Ever At the bequest of the Morlock, I installed ASP.NET 3.0 along with AJAX for .NET on this server today. Thinking I had done him a great service, I told him it was ready to use to which he immediately responded with a complaint that I didn't make a database change in my comments. I told him to use the new .NET 3.0 workflow system I just installed to write up a detailed flowchart of the change request. Ten minutes later I got this jewel in response. Clearly the best workflow diagram ever.
User Comments for 03-15-2007:
Just up his rent
That workflow truly is amazing. So amazing that once finished I quit work for the day.

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