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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 02-26-2007 "Cat" 5 Cabling Part 2 View Webcam for 02-26-2007 4 COMMENTS
Lisa had become dissatisfied with both the quality of my HDTV signal, and her ability to watch TV reliably in the bedroom. She threatened to find a man who could deliver a multipath interference free 1080i HDTV signal along with a reliable network connection that I was obviously not providing for her. My relationship on the line, I had to fix both. I relocated my HDTV antenna to my attic and ran the antenna wire and a network cable to the TV. After adjusting the antennas until Lisa was satisfied with the signal strength, I ran the network cable down to my laundry room. With the attic work done, the Morlock got Sam good and hyper with some catnip in preparation for his cable run. Unlike last time, there was only a mild freakout while he got into his PETA approved harness. Once he was in the joist space he took off like a pro and greeted the Morlock at the other end with the cable on the first try. After the Morlock calmed him down he was more relaxed than when we began. My cat is officially a trained cable runner, and with a wired media center and a strong HDTV signal, my relationship is once again safe from disaster.
User Comments for 02-26-2007:
What's Sam's fee for running cable? Also does he have a license?
Is he bonded and insured is what I want to know
Sam - more than meets the eye...
I hate HDTV Antennas
Grumpy Smurf

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