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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 10-11-2005 Office Shenanigans View Webcam for 10-11-2005 8 COMMENTS
The growing number of action figures on my desk prompted todays multiple angle videos that at the time were hilarious and may or may not hold comedy value for you. Unfortunately my phone only records in the .3g2 format so you'll need Quicktime to view them. Shortly after the videos, they were arranged in the following position which has prompted at least 3 confused coworkers to give me dirty looks.
User Comments for 10-11-2005:
Yes, this is what he does all day at work!
You are one UNIQUE fellow there Mr. Lloyd
I hate Bruno
Grumpy Smurf
i am sorry brad, your one of the few honest good people left in mc-neco. my aplogies to you.
Mind Control OF Zalec
while everyone else has been a complete dick you have not. my heart goes out to you you have to deal with this and watch :(
Your Name
i am very pissed off who striped me as mod and made fearthisescort after i had to ban E1 for threatening me. goes to show about the true real "clicks" and how im considered an outsider now
I hate people who pretend to be me.
Grumpy Smurg
I hate split personalities

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 10-10-2005 Gutting My Cougar View Webcam for 10-10-2005 19 COMMENTS
Cougar Gutting
Lastnight I took the engine and transmission out of my Cougar with the help of Mark, Jason, Nick, Zack, Ron, Scott and other MC-NECO members. We started at 11:00am and had the engine out by 9:30pm. The first four hours of the job involved removing the supercharger which was surprisingly the hardest part, but after that it was relatively easy except for an uncooperative ball joint. The entire event was recorded on yesterdays Gnome Cam. In addition to the work on my Cougar, an engine rod bearing and a wheel bearing were replaced on two other Cougars. By far our most productive mod meet to date. Now that the guts are out of my Cougar I plan to bring it to Leo's house for assistance in beefing up the transmission to properly handle the extra power from the supercharger. While it's out I also plan to upgrade to the proper headers and Y-pipe a forced induction car needs. Thanks to everyone who helped out, I definately would not have attempted anything like this without the help I received.
User Comments for 10-10-2005:
For a moment there i thought you were going to ebay your engine! you just about do with everything else.
Na, he is just going to give it to me, already have a great idea for the supercharger.
Your Name
WOW you have my name!!!?
no, after doing this, i never want to put a supercharger in my car, oh wait, i cant. lol
Mark Hammill
The Cougar & Supercharger are mine!
Sailor Mars
Wanna armwrestle Mars??
ron do u have any left over mash potato's you would wanna give mE?
Mind Control of Zalec
I'll arm wrestle you Ron
Sorry, Ron I would win!
Sailor Mars
No comments Missy!........ Jrak... you're off the clock, no soup for you!
HAHHAA Look at brads face in most of the pics he looks scared shit fucked!
ah you nazi canuck
Hey brad is it done yet?
I was going to post, Leo isn't ready for it yet so most likely next weekend. If you need your tools I'll gladly drop them off. I feel bad I still have them all :(
I need my tools come to california and bring them beege!
na, I shouldn't need them I was just wondering what the progress was on your trans is all.
California über alles
A top 10 post i haven't commented on? NEVER!

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 10-05-2005 All About Boohbah View Webcam for 10-05-2005 5 COMMENTS
Boobah Returns Almost 8 months ago an english guy from my work came up to me at Costco with a Boohbah asking if it was a good secret santa gift. It was definately the most disturbing childrens toy I had ever seen. Unfortunately I was not the recipient of it for the gift exchange, but I did manage to gain custody. It was eventually tortured and hung from the ceiling, then shortly afterwards it disappeared. Now travel in time with me to a month ago where I saw one on clearance for $10 at Meijer and had to buy it. Something about them just fascinates me, not the least of which is why on earth any kid would want one. Not 2 weeks after the purchase it also went missing. With two Boohbah's MIA I couldn't justify buying a third even at the bargain price of $10. Then today, mysteriously the original kidnapped Boohbah returned after evidently spending some time with Gene Simmons. I await the day when my second Boohbah is returned so I can finally mate them. How you ask? Check out for that answer.
User Comments for 10-05-2005:
i hAvE yOuR BoohbaH aNd i ReQuiRe $100,000 oN youR pOrch aT 5pm est on 10-10-2005, no cOps or trAps. Or Boohbah goEs up In FlamEs
I hate Boohbad
Grumpy Smurf
Levi likes Boohbahs... he has 2 of them and was playing with his blue one all morning (man that sounds sick)
Daddies aren't allowed to comment positively on this topic!!!!!!!! GO AWAY OLD MAN!!! hehehe
HAHHAAHHA! Thats halarious why do the Brits allways come up with funky things like this?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-29-2005 Microsoft PDC05 PowerPoints View Webcam for 09-29-2005 NO COMMENTS
Here they are, every session they offered at the PDC05 conference I attended two weeks ago. Now you can put on your Windows Mobile hat and live the life of me for a week. Just make sure to pace yourself so you fall asleep toward the end to get the true experience.
No Comments Entered for 09-29-2005

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-28-2005 Bluetooth Is Cool View Webcam for 09-28-2005 3 COMMENTS
Bluetooth Transfer After learning my Treo 650 does not support Dial-Up Networking (DUN) I initially felt robbed. All I had to do with my 7135 was hookup the data cable and my phone became a high-speed modem. Then I found this article which lead to this site that had the hack to enable DUN on the Treo. Not only did it give me back my high-speed modem, but thanks to Bluetooth it did away with the cord as well. Now I just need my phone near my laptop to connect to the internet at 150k anywhere I have phone service. I admit this isn't the most exciting thing on the planet, but right now it's pretty high up there for me.
User Comments for 09-28-2005:
I'm witholding comment.... GRRRR
Blue tooth is amazing, Did you know it's a radio frequency that "hops" basically every 10th of a millisecond the frequency changes 100's of times so if there was some interference with another frequency say a wireless network, or phone, the user wouldn't even notice the conflict. You can read more about it at howthingswork c0m
How much does your phone bill get charged after one does this? Probly nothing if you have the internet package eh?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-23-2005 Free Treo 650 (and ramblings) View Webcam for 09-23-2005 2 COMMENTS
Treo 650With my Kyocera 7135 "broken" I called my wireless carrier for a replacement. The rumor that the Treo 650 is replacing it was true and I now have one in my hand for $0. Needless to say I'm very happy with my carrier. My brief flirtation with an iMate JASJAR had me all hot and bothered for a new phone so this one came at just the right time. This phone has Palm OS 5 as opposed to 4 on my old Kyocera which means I can actually watch and record movies faster than 1 frame per second, enjoy a full 320x320 display, and browse the web faster than 1 page an hour. All thanks to a 312Mhz processor (an upgrade from my they Kyocera's 33Mhz). Don't get me wrong, my trusty armored 7135 was a great friend and served me well but it was starting to feel dated. However the switch hasn't been without it's problems. I spent over 3 hours getting all my settings setup the way they were on my old phone and I've already suffered from the CRB (Constant ReBoot) error where the phone goes into a continuious reboot cycle. (NOTE: to fix this wipe out your memory and load your programs back one by one till you find the one causing the reboot). I also miss my flip since it kept the keys/screen protected when I wasn't using it. It figures 2 days after I get my 650 a Treo 700w is announced that runs Windows Mobile 5. With the recent sale of Palm to a company looking to base the future OS versions off Linux I think it's safe to say the current incarnation of Palm OS will be discontinued or at least become less popular in the near future. The additional (and most important) advantage of Mobile 5 is you can develop for it using Visual Studio which I already know and love. Not one to ever be content with my current phone, I'm already eyeing the Motorla Q Phone which also runs Mobile 5 but in a thinner form factor than the Treo 700w. OK I'm done bragging about my phone. Feels good to get that off my chest.
User Comments for 09-23-2005:
Yeah.. yeah... yeah... your old dinosaur 7135 was still worlds more advanced than any of my mobile phone / netting... so @!#$%&*% you! :-)
Yeah but does your cell phone have a Transporter built into it?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-17-2005 Microsoft PDC 05 View Webcam for 09-17-2005 4 COMMENTS
PDC 05 Just got back from the Microsoft PDC 2005 (Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles and it was an impressive event. Over 5,000 developers attended which filled a football-field sized room nicely for the keynote. The keynote consisted of videos and demos of the next Windows client (Vista a.k.a Longhorn) which successfully titillated all nerd senses. You can search my archives for how many times I've used "titillated" as a testament to how exciting it was. The event centered on Vista and the associated technologies for developers. Avalon (WPF) is the new presentation layer that will make Windows look like a Mac and Indigo (WCF) is the new communications layer that will help us developers make even more reliable applications. Most notable about WPF is the use of xaml to control styling and display (think CSS for windows apps). Instead of coding the design into the app you can create a generic application and "skin" it with different xaml files. WCF brings better reliability and of course less code required to get more done. The new "Windows Sidebar" to be shipped with Vista (and supposedly available as a download for XP) uses "Gadgets" that can dock on the bar or float around. It's not a new idea, but when Vista ships with it the developers who have Gadgets for sale will be very rich for the first few years while everyone else catches up. Free food everywhere, free stuff from vendors, hands-on labs and proof-of-concept demos were going on the whole time while we tried to see as many learning sessions as possible. A short flirtation with a $200 iMate JasJar had me all excited about Windows Mobile 5, but since Verizon has a hold on me for another 2 years and they don't support the JasJar's GSM protocol I had to decline, but that's a whole other update.
User Comments for 09-17-2005:
WOW your not dead, the sites alive again! Did you happen to hear about any built in microphone mice around the conference, I hear it's the newest thing
I hate Microsoft
Grumpy Smurf
You and me both GS. But we can't live without it. BTW did you know I was a chemical mistake created by Gargamel?
I wish gargamel had a sexy vagina like you smurfet.
Grumpy Smurf

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-11-2005 Hamilfest 2005 View Webcam for 09-11-2005 1 COMMENT
Every year my fellow Cougar owners head to Ipperwash, Ontario for camping and some beach time. Drinking features heavily at this event, and this year I decided to mix soy milk and vodka for a drink that had the unexpected effect of prolonging my intoxication through the morning despite the fact consumption stopped at 10:00pm. If you're ever short on cash, this may be an experiment to try. After a night of annoying everyone over 40 at the campground, we headed to the beach and proceeded to park our cars next to and in the lake. It's one of the few beaches you can drive on which of course also means do doughnuts on. Having upset campers and beach goers equally we decided to wrap up the event and head home.
User Comments for 09-11-2005:

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-09-2005 AGP->PCI Mod and MCE Keyboard View Webcam for 09-09-2005 4 COMMENTS
I was recently sent this photo of someone who cut an AGP card to fit a PCI slot. I then found the original post and am about 80% convinced it's just a hoax. Manufacturers usually put big bright yellow paper on top of the card stating how it installs to help anyone with this type of learning disability. It's still entertaining and a good photo to pass around to your fellow geeks. On a completely unrelated note, those of you hooked on Microsoft MCE like myself have a new piece of hardware to blow your money on: the MCE Keyboard. Here's a review to get your loins soiled.
User Comments for 09-09-2005:
sweet has everything my wireless keyboard and mouse has except the green start button... Check out the new smart mouse from logitech search for "logitech MX610"
Pay no attention to the heathen above, he has not been baptized by Microsoft.
Hey I printed my cert. from the interweb just like everyone else! i'm also Adobe, Macromedia, Lucasarts, Linux, EA, mtn Dew, Mac, and Mcdonalds Cert! oh and i'm a pastor too!

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-06-2005 Pumps Locked At $2.99/Gal View Webcam for 09-06-2005 8 COMMENTS
Wondering why so many gas stations around me are closing/remodeling, I think I may have found the answer. Some gas pumps are unable to display a price higher than $2.99 / gallon. With recent amounts of $3.15 or more stations are now requiring an upgrade. Whether my detective work is correct or not, it's an interesting read: gas price article.
User Comments for 09-06-2005:
Fucking ass holes... gas whoring son of a bitches... they can all suck my dick...
I blame the Canadians... not sure hot to connect the two but I just blame them kthxbye
Carefull Stav.... I'll have Candy shoot you again in heated online battle tournaments!
For the record... it's acutally the Canadians who need to blame the US. Our gas is all extracted and refined in Canada. Yet your mess-ups are jacking our prices too! BASTARDS!!!!!!
I refine my own gas from my own personal supply. I can demonstrate the process next time I consume some White Castles.
Don't blame me, Canada! I don't set the prices or have any control over that. I do, however, control FEMA and I'll send them to bomb you if you don't behave.
Awww sheeeeot, he's gonna send FEMA up in your ass!
I shit you not, he will send FEMA the moon once was heavly populated untill Tim called FEMA

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