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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 10-11-2005 Office Shenanigans View Webcam for 10-11-2005 8 COMMENTS
The growing number of action figures on my desk prompted todays multiple angle videos that at the time were hilarious and may or may not hold comedy value for you. Unfortunately my phone only records in the .3g2 format so you'll need Quicktime to view them. Shortly after the videos, they were arranged in the following position which has prompted at least 3 confused coworkers to give me dirty looks.
User Comments for 10-11-2005:
Yes, this is what he does all day at work!
You are one UNIQUE fellow there Mr. Lloyd
I hate Bruno
Grumpy Smurf
i am sorry brad, your one of the few honest good people left in mc-neco. my aplogies to you.
Mind Control OF Zalec
while everyone else has been a complete dick you have not. my heart goes out to you you have to deal with this and watch :(
Your Name
i am very pissed off who striped me as mod and made fearthisescort after i had to ban E1 for threatening me. goes to show about the true real "clicks" and how im considered an outsider now
I hate people who pretend to be me.
Grumpy Smurg
I hate split personalities

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