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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 10-14-2005 Bonfire Weekend View Webcam for 10-14-2005 3 COMMENTS
Tonight was the first of a two bonfire weekend. The Gnome Cam was switched to the back porch at 6:40pm for the event and shows the gradual progression of fire and intoxication. A security training book, Ypsilanti yellow pages, cell phone, motor oil and hard drive were sacrificed to the bonfire gods. Probably not the best for the environment, but no worse than what goes up in smoke during a typical house fire. More importantly, the hot dogs weren't glowing from any of it. I was unsuccessful in cooking Keith over the fire, but there's always tomorrows bonfire at Senator Kelly's.
User Comments for 10-14-2005:
Sorry I missed it... looked like alot of fun! Mark said that your environmentally unfriendly burnt offerings were still smoldering Saturday morning!
We experimented with cardboard houses complete with chimneys and windows. Amazing how they just disintegrated in the fire. In addition, the fire lasted 24hrs since it was lit. Now Detroit smells like smoke this morning I can't escape it!
I hate Keith
Grumpy Smurf

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