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Boobah Returns Almost 8 months ago an english guy from my work came up to me at Costco with a Boohbah asking if it was a good secret santa gift. It was definately the most disturbing childrens toy I had ever seen. Unfortunately I was not the recipient of it for the gift exchange, but I did manage to gain custody. It was eventually tortured and hung from the ceiling, then shortly afterwards it disappeared. Now travel in time with me to a month ago where I saw one on clearance for $10 at Meijer and had to buy it. Something about them just fascinates me, not the least of which is why on earth any kid would want one. Not 2 weeks after the purchase it also went missing. With two Boohbah's MIA I couldn't justify buying a third even at the bargain price of $10. Then today, mysteriously the original kidnapped Boohbah returned after evidently spending some time with Gene Simmons. I await the day when my second Boohbah is returned so I can finally mate them. How you ask? Check out for that answer.
User Comments for 10-05-2005:
i hAvE yOuR BoohbaH aNd i ReQuiRe $100,000 oN youR pOrch aT 5pm est on 10-10-2005, no cOps or trAps. Or Boohbah goEs up In FlamEs
I hate Boohbad
Grumpy Smurf
Levi likes Boohbahs... he has 2 of them and was playing with his blue one all morning (man that sounds sick)
Daddies aren't allowed to comment positively on this topic!!!!!!!! GO AWAY OLD MAN!!! hehehe
HAHHAAHHA! Thats halarious why do the Brits allways come up with funky things like this?

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