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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-08-2007 Happy Birthday To Me View Webcam for 12-08-2007 4 COMMENTS
Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate the death of my 20s today. Now that I finally reached 3 decades I'm finding it's not so bad. As my sisters friend stated, turning 30 means you didn't die young, so I can now list that along with losing my hair and growing a gut as my accomplishments for the decade. Gifts were strictly forbidden but Stavos broke the rule with a Transformers Monopoly game. Lisa was exempt and bought me an Optimus Prime, two gnome shirts and an Optimus Prime blanket. The Transformers theme continued into her mega-party plan including an Optimus Prime cake and favors. Excessive jello shots rendered me incapable of stopping the party killer movie, but everything else went swimmingly. I know most of you won't speak to me again now that I'm officially old, but I appreciate you stopping by for one last visit before ex communicating me.
User Comments for 12-08-2007:
It's only a matter of time before you explode. However Candy and I had a blast! Once we turn 30 in acouple years we will be allowed to play Transformers Monopoly with you again.
Ahh the Old Lloyd. My apologies for not making it out to your party. I shall make it up with a taco night.
Ummm... you totally forgot about us breaking the rules and buying you a transformers shirt!!! RUDE!!!
The gallery is proof that you were drunk as a German pope the entire evening. Woot.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-06-2007 Evader Enabled Comments View Webcam for 12-06-2007 8 COMMENTS
Evaders! Stavos recently suggested avatars for the comment section of this website. Not quite sure how I would fit the images in my compact comment area I resisted at first, but some gentle coaxing and a few mockups later and I was convinced. What else was I going to do for two hours anyways? While I was working on the design (before crying uncle with DIVs) Lisa asked "What is your evader supposed to be anyways?" It required a full 8 seconds of mental processing before I realized she was mispronouncing avatar, which then prompted several minutes of uncontrollable laughter and Lisa shakes. So now that you know why I call them "Evaders", next you'll ask "So what?" Well I don't really have an answer for that, but the dropdown allows you to choose from some preset Evaders (uploadable custom capability coming soon). Once you choose one, the preview shows below the dropdown and once you submit, it sticks along with the other fields in the cookie for next visit. Yes, way over engineered for a website 2 people visit on a regular basis, but fortunately for those 2 people, I made exclusiveTM custom©® avatars©®TM and backfilled old comments with the same one. I promise I'll keep my sugar intake down in the future.
User Comments for 12-06-2007:
I for one welcome our new Evader overlords. I'm also happy to be your muse, but I won’t be completely satisfied until I can upload my own "Evader", and animate them to make you panic.
Wow my Evader didn't take! wtf I guess i'm the beta tester too!
Hot cha cha
What a piece of crap. Fixed!
It better be my reputation is on the line here!
Now, why the hell is my default avatar a cop icon??? You tryin to tell me somethin, lol... Where's my "I support single moms" stripper pole?
OMG!!! I have my very own AVATAR!!! I love it!
What you should have done is played nicely with the other children and used a standard gravatar site to pull the gravatars from which would then save your bandwidth, make one less thing I had to select when I comment on your blog (bad enough I have to enter a number), and allow people to set them up once and for all based on email. Example: The Elder
Keith Elder

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-05-2007 Opteron 180 View Webcam for 12-05-2007 2 COMMENTS
With Lisa constantly complaining about her single-core system and it's inability to efficiently multitask, I decided to upgrade her system with my old Athlon 64 X2 4200 . Why was my X2 4200 available? Because I upgraded to a cheap Opteron 180 I found on eBay. Why an Opteron? Because it has double the L2 cache and 2 more HyperTransport links than an Athlon. What does that mean for performance? Well as you can see below, not alot, but it did raise my total worth as a person (also known as the Windows Experience Index) to 4.7 from my previous 4.6 , thanks to the bigger cache and extra links. I was also able to bump the CPU score significantly thanks to the Opterons notoriety for taking my 10% overclock in stride. While my total worth still remains well below many of my friends, I sleep better knowing I've maxed out my Socket 939 motherboard in preparation for it's pending GeForce 8800 GT upgrade.

3DMark Score
CPU1 - Red Valley
CPU2 - Red Valley
User Comments for 12-05-2007:
Nice, however when will the evaders be installed?
Wait for it.... wait for it... 10494 3DMarks, with a CPU score of 2363. SM2.0: 4805. HDR/SM3.0: 4922. I love 2x8800GTX. OMGWTFBFGSAUCE

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-02-2007 Football Lisa View Webcam for 12-02-2007 4 COMMENTS
Last time the Steelers had a game on television, I discovered football freak Lisa and made a video to document her bizarre behavior. Tonight's game also wound up being televised locally, and this time I had an early christmas present in the form of a Greg Lloyd jersey ready for her to wear. Even though I don't understand yelling at the TV, I'm glad I was able to amplify her insanity.
User Comments for 12-02-2007:
I like 99.9% of the viewers on this website don't get it????
Phaedrah does the same thing at hockey games.
I'm with Stavos on this one...
When was the last time you dorks got some sunlight doing anything but playing disc golf?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-01-2007 BIOS Hacking View Webcam for 12-01-2007 3 COMMENTS
BIOS Hacking Preparing to relax and enjoy my Saturday night, I booted up my workstation and noticed the BIOS version on my ASUS A8N Premium motherboard was 1009. A quick check revealed 1303 was the latest, which I promptly downloaded, and discovered dynamic BIOS updating was yet another thing my newly reloaded 64-bit Vista did not support. After installing my floppy drive from 1998 to complete the bootable BIOS update, I was disappointed to see my NVIDIA RAID firmware remained a lowly version 4.84. A quick Google search revealed ASUS is not as diligent as most motherboard manufacturers with their BIOS updates, and typically don't bother to update integrated device firmware. Fortunately the same search produced a link to the Award BIOS Editor which just by downloading makes you feel like you're sticking it to "the man". After loading a BIOS update I found on MSI that users reported also updated their RAID firmware, I was able to extract the RAID update and replace the old 4.84 block with the new 5.60 in the "official" 1303 BIOS for my A8N in the editor. Unsure if my hack update would work, do nothing at all, or completely brick my motherboard, I was surprised to have it work perfectly. The old NVIDIA RAID 4.84 configuration screen now calls itself NVIDIA MediaShield 5.60 with a moderate performance gain.
User Comments for 12-01-2007:
Like I 99.9% of the viewers on this webiste understand exactly what your talking about!

Tired of waiting in line behind people who refuse to get off the phone? Don't want anyone to call your wife (or Canadian fiance) while you're making out with her? Have $220 to blow? Then you need a cell phone jammer. Once I meet the third requirement, I plan to obtain one and fulfill the first two frequently. I know you're wondering, so yes this is also on my Christmas wish list.
User Comments for 11-26-2007:
I just mentioned the idea of having a Cellphone Jammer two days ago to some colleagues at work, how ironic. I'll take this as a sign and buy one and use it on Brad because his cellphone goes off every 5 mins with that crazy packman sound for incoming text! BOIINNGG
So after you get your jammer, if I happen to notice my cell signal decreasing, I'm going to burn your house down. You can live in my shed.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-25-2007 Two Terabytes! View Webcam for 11-25-2007 3 COMMENTS
Two Terabytes! My quest for a terabyte completed over a year ago, I got to wondering what I could do for an encore. What I came up with will shock and amaze you: two terabytes! With the expiration of my Windows Home Server RC1 it was time to move on to the 120 Day Trial. Why not the full $120 version? Because I'm a cheap bastard and am extending my "free" options until my southern resource is able to hook me up with a discount. The trial does not support the reinstall option (since it's a trial) so since I had to do a full install I figured it was a good time to consolidate all my spare hard drives. The resulting double terabyte is something even Lisa can enjoy since the six drives are now helping to warm the basement.
User Comments for 11-25-2007:
So when are you getting a Petabyte? Byte names of the future:
I am not shocked. Welcome to 2007: Free / Size 135931 / 4.15 TB
Is that free size in KB or MB? That's alot of porn either way.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-20-2007 Leakfrogs For Everyone! View Webcam for 11-20-2007 2 COMMENTS
LeakFrog Todays Woot was a Leakfrog, of which I promptly bought 6 (3 orders of 2 frogs). What could I possibly be doing with 6 leakfrogs? If you're on my christmas list you might find out. Why would anyone buy leakfrogs for christmas presents? Because it's the gift that says "I care enough about you to help ensure your home or apartment does not get damaged by an out of control water leak." I think everyone should enjoy the same piece of mind I have from the two in my utility room, ever watchful of my water heater and AC condenser. Ready to wake me from a sound sleep in the interest of containing the damage, even if that requires them to float on top of the water.
User Comments for 11-20-2007:
I believe you mean "ever ready to disturb a Morlock during his shit."
I for one welcome our new frog overlords

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-18-2007 Cleveland Points View Webcam for 11-18-2007 1 COMMENT
A trip to Cleveland for Jairds birthday yielded over 130 gamer points on my Xbox 360 I brought along. I was able to secretly harness the tireless energy of a man known to wreck a car over 50 times on the same track for pure amusement. After powering through 100 points in "DiRT" (to wreck the truck on the track 5 times) he moved on to Guitar Hero II for another 30 points. In case you're wondering what gamer points do for you, they are similar to the vista experience score. Totally useless, but something you just have to have alot of. Eventually he got wise to my plan, but it was too late, my points were granted! Now I've secretly got Lisa working up my points on Cloning Clyde and Carcassonne, although now not so secretly.
Achievement Unlocked
User Comments for 11-18-2007:
I have no idea what you just said....

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-11-2007 Football Fever View Webcam for 11-11-2007 1 COMMENT
As the only male on the planet who is not interested in professional sports, it's ironic I work at a primarily sports-oriented company, and married a raving mad Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Given these facts, it's not surprising I was coerced into attending a Steelers game with said wife this weekend. The official Steelers experience® was kicked off with an 8am tailgate party including various brands of beer, burgers, dogs, a cornhole game, and crab legs. After 4 hours of working up an alcoholic daze it was game time, which meant braving the cattle call and security checks while verbally bashing anyone brave enough (dumb enough?) to wear a Browns uniform, or any clothing close to those colors. While Lisa and her brother got horse yelling at the Browns, and falling into spectators below, I spent my time watching the Red Zone ketchup bottles pour virtual ketchup. When the Steelers won, everyone went nuts of course, then slowly filed out of the stadium. I was expecting at least a few celebratory flaming cars but I guess that's exclusively a Detroit thing. I also discovered the ketchup bottles were actually only half-bottles on my way out, I was fooled. Overall it was an enlightening experience, and nice to see Lisa isn't the only person who goes completely insane watching a football game. A light rain cancelled the after-game tailgate party but 8 hours of football was more than enough for me.
User Comments for 11-11-2007:
I'm the 2nd only male person on the planet not interested in any sports. I prefer a good lan party where I actually am apart of a team. And when I say "we" won the game i actually mean myself and other who actually played, not watched.

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