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Rating: 3.25 - Link to this Article 04-28-2009 Commerce Sonic View Webcam for 04-28-2009 8 COMMENTS
Sonic After several rumors and a few confirmed sightings, I decided it was time to take a trip to Commerce and confirm the construction of a new Sonic. I'm happy to report it's in an advanced stage of construction and will most definitely open this summer. The trip only took 15 minutes from my house vs. the 30-45 minutes for the Southgate location. That means less than 10 minutes from work, enabling me to fatten up significantly faster than was previously possible.
User Comments for 04-28-2009:
I've still never tried Sonic! You must make it a formal initiation next time I visit you!
I got one less then 10 mins from me. Next time you come down here well have to get the Flat Sonic Feast.
Wooo wait!!!! Jarid likes something!?! haha. I hope they open the Canton one next.
I have to go all the way to International drive to get Sonic but its right by work so thats good/
Via jetski?
I'll hate the one in Canton just for you Steve.
I wasn't aware, but Gina told be that there's a new FULLY OPERATIONAL Sonic in Flint.

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