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Rating: 3.29 - Link to this Article 04-29-2009 Swine Flu Panic! View Webcam for 04-29-2009 7 COMMENTS
Let's take a moment and look back at the last time we had a swine flu panic. It was March 24th, 1976 and a single confirmed death prompted a mandatory government vaccination program. 30+ people died from side effects of the vaccination prompted by that single death. People die from all kinds of flu without proper medical care, this one just has a catchy panic name to it. How about go to the doctor when you feel crappy and don't say "swine flu." If this is my last update, however, you'll know irony struck me down and it's time to put on your gas masks.
User Comments for 04-29-2009:
OMG I'm DYING FROM SWINE FLU!!! (croak... too late)
I smell bacon! Ohh nooos the swine flu is airborne! I love our over panicing media that causes my father inlaw to flip out after his 8 hours of watching Fox news each day.
Hope this don't turn into a Ham-demic
Your funny!
It was once said, "a black man will become president when pigs fly!" Indeed, 100 days into President Barack Obama's administration, swine flu.
Brad you need a kudos meter for comments. Because if you had one Steve would get some for that
R10T you're not adhering to your all hate lifestyle however thank you for compliment.

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