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Rating: 3.44 - Link to this Article 04-26-2009 Motorcycle Upgrade View Webcam for 04-26-2009 9 COMMENTS
2009 Ninja 250R After 3 years of my 1988 designed 2004 Ninja 250R, and a major redesign of the same model last year, I was fighting my urge to upgrade. My practicality failed me this weekend when I entered a dealer with my Back To The Future era motorcycle and left with a brand new 2009 model. I'm still in the break-in period, so I'm not yet sure if the redesigned engine technology has helped squeeze any more power out of the 250cc block, but I can confidently say it looks and feels 3,000% better than the old model. After haggling the upgrade price down to $3,500 over 3 hours, I barely escaped the storm to the house of Stavos who took the first and so far best photo. The magic of the new Ninja quickly infected Lisa, a sucker for anything new and shiny. Despite her aversion to motorcycles, she cautiously approached it for a short trip up and down the street. Realizing it did not burst in to flames, she demanded a fully geared trip to Dairy Queen. The jealous stares of passers by who did not know the guy with the hot blonde on the back of his bike only had 250cc of power was more than worth the $3,500.
User Comments for 04-26-2009:
It's a sexy bike and a great stealth bike. When you pulled up I thought it was a high end bike and the dealer suckered you into a high powered bike. Little did I realize you screwed him with a leaky 1984 bike!
You know Brad a good way to break in that new bike would be a ride down to the Flatlands. And see Steve I don't hate everything.
$14.00 per CC not too shabby. I got mine for $10.00 per CC. I seen a last year used version of my bike going for almost $6,000 so so far a good investment in my part.
$$ per CC? I just Googled that and Google's results said: "WTF!?!"
I went to the bulk food section at walmart and got 1 cc for $9.99. WTF. Thats some f'ed up thing to say to someone who is enjoying a new bike. I hope your $10/cc bike falls apart. Your bike was probably a piece of garbage.
Ok...I'll just go back to hating everything as Steve said earlier.
Ahh there's balance in the universe again.
Someone needs to take the Morlocks spot for commenting.
I just eyed this sweet Silver Jetta i think i might

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