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Rating: 3.5 - Link to this Article 04-25-2009 Power Outage View Webcam for 04-25-2009 6 COMMENTS
Somehow the square mile I reside in is prone to an immediate power outage when any reason to cause one is available. This time a coming storm plunged my house into the dark ages for a full 24 hours. Lisa and I immediately graced the Kelleys with our presence, as our previously planned picnic was now cancelled due to thunderstorms. Our substitute Xbox picnic was almost as fun, with a girl-gang battle in front of his house, and dinner by plasma screen light at the Redford Grille. I'm guessing other areas had a higher number of customers without power and DTE was focusing on them, since the truck that finally did come to repair our chewing gum and bailing wire grid was PCH Energy from Ohio. On the plus side, it was enough time to force unpacking and starting my 2400 watt generator, which powered my fridge, sump pump, Xbox/Projector and even a space heater without any sign of a struggle.
User Comments for 04-25-2009:
See took a flatlander company to get you up and running. How long was the power out when we were up there? More then a day I think.
Aww no pics or vids of the gang fight?
I have a video on Qik of the gang fight here:
some hair pulling just a bunch of talking.
Yeah but I delievered and that's the important part. Brad also forgot to mention what the fight was about. The night before, that video around 1am those two girls were full blown lesing out on top of a car hood right near our bed room window. We got to hear it all.
I was looking over you webcam shots the day your power went out and at about 2:06pm you can see the sky turn black in about 5 mins. And then the caputre whent black shortly after.

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