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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-12-2010 WinPhone7 Wannabe View Webcam for 11-12-2010 4 COMMENTS
HTC Surround After finding an HTC Surround for $300 on eBay, I decided to buy a phone that is incompatible with my provider. Thanks to the Kin, Verizon hates Microsoft meaning no WinPhone7 till at least next year, which also means I had to take the absurd step of buying what is effectively an overpriced mini-tablet. I'm not proud of what I did, but I don't regret it either. My life-long sickness for cheevos just got mobile, and my dream of a radio station database app got more real. I'm also hoping the entire platform avoids the Kins fate at least until I get a Verizon version and can sell this stopgap on eBay. Now go forth, and spread the story of the man who bought a phone that he can't use for cheevos.
User Comments for 11-12-2010:
Tis a fine phone that can't make calls. Good to see a phone OS that changes the game not clones it.
CHEEEEVOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! and 80s music!
Confused... so you have no phone number, no service, no connectivity? So you basically just bought a pocket pc?
It's a smaller ipad with slide out keyboard!

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