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Rating: 4.33 - Link to this Article 11-17-2010 Wife Nerdification View Webcam for 11-17-2010 3 COMMENTS
Lisa's nerd training is coming along swimmingly. Instead of "I can't watch movies" or "the TVs not working" she knew how to properly convey the exact issue she was experiencing. "Vault is on and the other computers can't connect" told me my home server was running but the router wasn't sending packets properly. The next step is her auto-diagnosis to reboot the router but I'm absolutely tickled about her text message.
User Comments for 11-17-2010:
I expect her running cat cable by year's end.
Well i'm impressed. If you didn't have a screenshot of the txt I wouldn't have believed you. Granted she's a nurse and knows crap we could never imagine, however a simple network diagnoses impresses us LOL
Stunning. Thats equivalent to finding a jet fighter in king tut's tomb.

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