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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-06-2010 November LAN View Webcam for 11-06-2010 4 COMMENTS
LAN Party The annual November LAN was dedicated to Starcraft 2 this year. The most epic of the games was captured in a replay for posterity. Spoiler alert: I didn't win. The typical noob beat down by the pro players was in full force, roughly dividing in half the number of people enjoying themselves vs those in misery. Fortunately there was sufficient cheap Kirkland beer and shenanigans to prevent anyone from going postal. An expected 8-10 attendees exploded into 15 which cut into the dedicated Dance Central area preventing me from showing off my super fly dance moves to the group until later in the evening, when Marco, TomTom, Jeffords and I busted out some moves and got beat by a Champion table tennis AI. A frequent question during the times we don't blow a breaker is my electrical consumption during the LAN, which I remembered I now log on Google power, so for the first time I present the power usage graph in all its glory. Almost forgot the obligatory LAN Video, enjoy.
User Comments for 11-06-2010:
You forgot about the overwhelming amount of Mac's where a typical Lan party has just 1 mac but this one had 7! Also I think this is the first annual November lan? Usually we have Jan lans. Gotta be a hater I know.
Always gotta nitpick don't you stavos. We'll see if you get invited to the MacLan again!
The "Scrap-and-toss" presence was FRIGHTENING to say the least! Besides that, it was a fantastic Starcrafty fun kinda time. There was also only one instance of non-conformance to all Starcraft, all the time.. 2 people delved off into a private Quake 3 orgy. What might posses such a random act of futility? The world may never know.
Those people that diverged from SC2 were repeatability sacked and forced to play as zerg.

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