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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-17-2009 Morlock Wars View Webcam for 12-17-2009 5 COMMENTS
Morlock Wars After making his dissatisfaction with my website code known to the world, the Morlock was not satisfied. Knowing the hamster that runs my Access database can only sprint for a few minutes at a time, he used the DOS tool of choice to thoroughly exhaust it to death. If it took you an hour to load this page, now you know why. It's only a matter of time now before this site is finally put out of it's misery.
User Comments for 12-17-2009:
Morlock has been trying to kill your access database since he left your house. Impressive he was able to do it with a Mircosoft tool.
Of course, the only tool that could kill a beast spawned by Microsoft would be, another tool spawned by Microsoft! Where are my achievement points?!
1000 G - Bringing Access to it's knees
10000 G - Bringing Access to it's knees with a M$ product!
Oh no... he's back... sigh...

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