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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 12-10-2009 Return of the Josephs View Webcam for 12-10-2009 6 COMMENTS
The Josephs made a trip to Michigan to enjoy our 18 degree weather, so the Senator and I rolled out the proper Box Bar greeting. Lisa is deathly afraid of Florida and their hurricanes, so she took off for Cleveland well before their arrival, feeling safe only after a 2.5 hour buffer was in place. A feast of the plowmans lunch and several hours later our group dispersed and Joseph visited my house to help inject some Florida, and play some 1 vs 100.
User Comments for 12-10-2009:
I fail to see what this has to do with Candians or cougays. Who are these Josephs?
They eat Canadians only leaving their unguarded bacon for us to consume. They are friends of us eloi and we have been living in harmony with the Josephs for many years.
(insert eye rolling)
(insert nose hair pluck)
Joseph is my last name. I was recommended for a job in Florida from a former co-worker from Canada.
Hah!! He explained who the Josephs are to a Morlock!

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