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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-21-2004 Motorcycle Rescue View Webcam for 05-21-2004 2 COMMENTS
Lastnight, my girlfriend and I went to rescue my motorcycle from the parking lot it broke down near. I brought along my portable power pack to use as a temporary battery and hooked it up to the bike. With my girlfriend following, I balanced the power pack in my lap, passing a police car who looked at me funny. It's really quite difficult to ride a motorcycle with a 25lb 2'x3' power pack in front of you, but the extent of my cheapness that prevented me from hiring a towtruck also kept me going. Once I got home, I disconnected the power pack, expecting the bike to die (which would mean the alternator was shot) but instead, it kept on going, and the power pack registered 100% charge. Now I just need a $30 battery instead of a $100 alternator. There was much rejoicing, and I owe it all to my girlfriend.
User Comments for 05-21-2004:
The love....
Thank You!

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-19-2004 Motorcycle Breakdown! View Webcam for 05-19-2004 4 COMMENTS
The GnomeCam caught me leaving for work on my motorcycle today, unaware of the events that woud occur before I reached my destination. About 15 minutes from work, an old man pulled right in front of me oblivious to my existance. I decided not to honk since he'd most likely have had a heart attack. A fellow motorist pulled up at the light and said "That could have killed you, I hope you're alright!" to which I replied "Happens all the time, thanks." Once the light turned green the bike completely died! No power whatsoever. I had to push it off into a gas station where I was told "You can't leave that there, after 9/11 no abandoned vehicles are allowed on the property." At this point I felt like I was in the twilight zone, so I pushed it into an adjacent lot and had Duane pick me up for work. Somehow the old man who cut me off was able to affect my timeline and force me into a parallell universe. If the bike starts right up after work I'll know it was his doing. If not, my battery most likely died.
User Comments for 05-19-2004:
to...many.....comments..... can't keep..... up!!! ARRRR RGGG GGHHHHH
Hey, what about the girlfriend who helped you get it back home!!!
Yesterday on my way home from work I pulled into Chevron and got some gas. As I pulled out into the lane an old man cut me off and nearly hit me. I promptly pulled up next to him and notified him that he could have hit me. His responce was the middle finger to which I replied "WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT OLD MAN!" Then as I pulled away from the light my bike sputtered and died. After sitting for 10 minutes in 91 degree heat, wondering how I would get it home, I started it back up and it ran fine until I got home.
Motorcyclists are just screwed from the get-go. I would have thrown my helmet at the guy after he gave me the finger. Good thing it started back up, I was about to head down there and pick you up.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-18-2004 GnomeCam Malfunction! View Webcam for 05-18-2004 1 COMMENT
After 2½ years of flawless operation, my Snappy Video Capture Device errored out. The software jammed while acquiring an image, shutting down the GnomeCam from 7:00pm until I discovered it around 10:30pm. I restarted the server and reset the Snappy and all appears well again. I have 4 backup Snappy units ready to go if the hardware goes kaput. At $12.95 each, it's the only good thing that came out of Play, Inc. going out of business.
User Comments for 05-18-2004:
oh the panty man can

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-16-2004 Niagra Falls View Webcam for 05-16-2004 1 COMMENT
Melissa and I went to Niagra Falls for the weekend for a Cougar event. After the Cougar event was over, we went for a ride on the Maid of the Mist and Melissa helped a few people out of the water. Apparently 4-5 people jump into the falls a day and at least 50% survive and are picked up by tourists. We also went to see a wax museum and did some shopping.
User Comments for 05-16-2004:
Way to go Melissa or should I call you "AquaWomen"?

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-14-2004 Ass of the Mailman View Webcam for 05-14-2004 NO COMMENTS
Mailman Ass
No Comments Entered for 05-14-2004

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-13-2004 Gnome Cam 2002 on CD View Webcam for 05-13-2004 1 COMMENT
With the Gnome Cam approaching 2GB worth of archives (5 minute captures every day for the last 3 years) I rewrote the code to first search the local HDD for a requested date, then search the CD(soon to be DVD)-ROM. I've offloaded all of 2002 onto a CD in the drive, and it seems to work great. The initial and image loads are a little slower than normal, but I've saved 700MB on my hard drive. Once I put in the DVD-ROM I'll have all the archives off the hard drive and my weekly server backups should be lightning fast. Thousands of tiny image files are harder to backup than the same size in large files.
User Comments for 05-13-2004:
That idea is patented by DetroitArchive I will require a fee.
DetroitArchive - Lawyer

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-12-2004 House for Sale View Webcam for 05-12-2004 3 COMMENTS
I'm putting my house up for sale, asking $129,000. I'm trying FSBO (For Sale By Owner) so if you know of a high traffic area, download the flyer and post it all over. Cross your fingers for me, I hope to sell before I move into my new house.
User Comments for 05-12-2004:
Come on he needs that 6 car garage... even though he only has 2 cars, but come on! Downloaded, and posting. perhaps our friends at Fat Kats will leave some flyers out?
No, he has 4 cars!
if you need a relator let me know 1/3 billion his carrer

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-11-2004 Pool Party! View Webcam for 05-11-2004 2 COMMENTS
Stavos and I finally broke in my InstaPool tonight. Initially, the neighbors called the police fearing for their children at the sight of two grown men in a pool. After we cleared up the confusion (and assured the parents and police we were not on the Michigan sexual predators list) we discovered that a 15'x5' pool is alot of fun. The pool has "No Jumping, No Diving, and no Tipping" signs all around it, so the first thing we did was jump, dive, and attempt to tip it, but it was too heavy. Then, using the law of rhythmic sinusodal waves (and an inflatable doughnut), we were able to get the water to alternate between the center and outside ring of the pool. This made for waves higher than us, and a good chance that the pool was going to collapse. Our need for destruction partially satisfied, we ordered Fat Kats pizza and watched Harvey Birdman to celebrate. I've finally scored a point in my battle against Michigan.
User Comments for 05-11-2004:
You forgot to mention the Asian hacker that joined us, otherwise the wave's wouldn't of gotten 8 ft tall
It was a tsunami

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-10-2004 Gas Prices: Blame Yourself View Webcam for 05-10-2004 1 COMMENT
With the price of gas reaching almost $2 for regular unleaded this summer, gas prices have again become a hot topic to complain about. Last year I also discussed gas prices so I'll safely assume this is now a trend for the summer months. As a premium gas consumer, I'm also guilty of complaining, but I don't, however, claim that cheap gas is my birthright. Watching the news this summer, like last summer, people have expressed how un-american these high prices are and that "something should be done about it." This year, the free press actually wrote an article describing what exactly can be done about it. While I am guilty of complaining as well (I think it's become a regular pasttime) I also try to keep things in perspective. In Europe, a gallon of gas is $4 but instead of demanding "something" should be done, they buy cars with smaller engines to compensate (which also means they get really cool tiny turbo cars and we don't). I already ranted about fuel economy in last years article, so this year I'll just ask that the next car you buy be a fun (fuel efficient) sport compact. That way when I'm ready to buy a new car the bean counters at the car companies will finally say "The people don't want trucks anymore, they want sport compacts, so let's make some really cool ones with turbos and nitrous!"
User Comments for 05-10-2004:
I just laugh at the gas pump when i see that I spent $40 for gas. My mouth is starting to hurt from all the laughing because i have to fill up ever 3 days...

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-09-2004 SCCA Detroit Season Opener View Webcam for 05-09-2004 NO COMMENTS
Today was the Detroit SCCA season opener. Duane and I raced in the event, Gina and Melissa were camera crew. As tradition dictates, I again recieved a major sunburn, which continued my tradition of not going to work the day after the season opener. The sun was definately preferable to the predicted rain, and despite the sunburn it was a great event.
No Comments Entered for 05-09-2004

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