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Play Incorporated was founded in 1994 by computer and video industry pioneers with the goal of melding high-end video and graphics capabilities to personal computers for distribution over the Internet. Among its award winning products are Snappy Video Snapshot, Trinity, which revolutionized TV production and graphics throughout the world and GlobeCaster, the world's first Internet TV station-in-a-box. Unfortunately, the company went out of business around 2000, and their products became orphaned. This is my attempt at supporting the wonderful and cutting-edge products once provided by Play Inc.

Play Inc's Snappy Capture Device Support Page
Since all hardware is the same, I recommend Snappy 4 w/ Patch for all Snappy users.

Snappy 1Snappy 2Snappy 3Snappy 4
Un-zip this file to a 1.44 meg floppy and install with setup program.

Snappy 1 patch Un-Zip this file, run this patch to create an updated Snappy 1 install disk.
Snappy 2 Deluxe patch
Un-Zip and run this patch on an already installed Snappy 2 to update to the correct version to use with KSnap

Snappy 2 final patch
Same as above, except for Snappy 2 standard version.
Snappy 3 Deluxe NTSC CD
Original Install CD for Snappy 3 NTSC

Snappy 3 Deluxe NTSC Patch
patch for Win 98, NT 2k & XP.

patch for Win 98, NT 2k & XP.
Snappy 4 NTSC
Install Disk

Snappy 4 NTSC Patch
NTSC patch for Win 98, NT 2k & XP.

Unfortunately, there was no PAL
support for Snappy 4.

Snappy ResourcesSnappy ArchivesSnappy History
Snappy FAQ as appeared on their website
Snappy 3 Programming Reference
Snappy 4 Programming Reference
Play, Inc. Homepage: 12/27/1996
Play, Inc. Homepage: 12/01/1998
Play, Inc. Homepage: 02/02/1999
Play, Inc. Homepage: 11/09/00 (Before the Buyout)
Play, Inc. Homepage: 02/01/01 (After the Buyout)

The Story of Play taken from their website