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Rating: 3.33 - Link to this Article 08-06-2009 I Killed Facebook and Twitter! View Webcam for 08-06-2009 6 COMMENTS
Anti Twitter I'm the one that took down Twitter and Facebook! One might assume that since the Washington Post was the first to report about it they caused the outage after seeing subscribers leave and convert into the hive mind, but I can personally assure you it was not them, because it was me! Like the Washington Post I've seen my 3 readers comment less and less, as they Facebook and Twitter more and more. It was time for action, and I took it! Both sites shall remain my captive until the comments increase! The silence is too loud, increase your comments to free your lovers! The war is on!
User Comments for 08-06-2009:
Umm... one thread down Brad.. 26 comments and growing!!
In fact.. here's an update from your stats; Top 10 Commented Articles Your Xbox 360 Wants 802.11N 43 Jan LAN Dual Core Part 1 36 Gravatars 28 Comment Party Great Success 26 It's in 4th place now!
But according to this site, Twitter is okay:
Release my beloved Facebook at once!
Silence is way too loud. You should turn it up.
Brad! Brad! Your our man if you can't do it no one can!!!! Yea for the nontwitter man whoo whoo

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