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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-28-2008 Heavy Metal South Park View Webcam for 03-28-2008 4 COMMENTS
In case you missed the latest South Park episode, Major Boobage, it's a tribute to the 80's cartoon Heavy Metal, which has the same animation style as Aeon Flux. Kenny trips out on cat spray (best to just watch it than have me try to explain it) and enters the Heavy Metal world with Don Felders "Takin a Ride" playing in the background. The sequences are awesome, but more importantly the song gets stuck in your head. So much so that I'm now looping it at work continuously. I'm hoping to burn out on it by the end of the week, but until then welcome to my madness.
User Comments for 03-28-2008:
You practice major toolage.
Or you can visit the legal high quality streaming that the creators put up here:
Oh and btw this better be more entraining then the WOW, Guitar hero, and Dog whisper episodes you forgot to blog about. I'll report back with a review.
2 of your links bit the dust

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