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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 01-11-2008 Fear My Portal Cake View Webcam for 01-11-2008 7 COMMENTS
Portal Cake Stavos recommended a portal cake for tomorrows LAN party a few days ago. Not being one to wait for him to fail to execute said plan, I found a similar enough cake at Kroger to dress up into a close approximation. Not to be outdone, he will be bringing various portal themed decorations to complete the experience.
User Comments for 01-11-2008:
Oh i was going to bring the cake, however your cake purchasing has bested mine and therefore I refuse to outwit your cake purchasing and dressing techniques since you completed them in a timely matter. However my printer is out of wax ink and I will have to use your printer tomorrow for the rest of the print outs.
I'm just thankful neither of you baked. I'd rather not get sick because you thought bleach was an acceptable ingredient.
Hahaha, dude, that is freakin sweet... Too bad Im spending the day at the mall with the tweens...
It's all a lie!
Where's the JanLan Blog!
Its right above this!
Wasn't a sec ago, MAGIC!

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