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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-20-2007 Sysfader Application Error View Webcam for 03-20-2007 5 COMMENTS
This plagued me for over an hour today and I thought it would be helpful to make a post since a Google search yielded lots of complaints but no solutions. I did find this work around which avoided the problem, but I suspected the video card drivers might have been the cause. After reinstalling the drivers, I was able to re-enable all the animation options the work around disabled with no problems. If you get a "Sysfader: Iexplore.exe Application Error" dialog box with something like "the memory was unable to be written" reinstalling your video drivers will solve the problem. I'm guessing sysfader.exe interacts with the video drivers in a specific way (fade effect) and causes the error to occur.
User Comments for 03-20-2007:
What is this about and what does it have to do with Supreme Commander?
Stavos, are you playing SC as well?!? Just heard about it from one of my customers, was gonna go snag it...
We just played a game for 3 hours lastnight. You gotta get it!
Yeah we got our asses handed to us bu TECH AI bots, they appeared very weak for the first hour then rained hell on us and whipped us out a few times. Best RTS game ever. I can't imagine what its going to look like with DX10.
I'm hung up on Vanguard right now, plus launching the new Hitman and TV3D websites -- once those are done I'll snag the game, later in the week I assume...

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