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Open Search in IE7 I recently discovered OpenSearch, a search description standard similar to RSS that serves as a web site search API among other things. I'm sure it's been around for a long time, and I'm just now discovering it, but the important thing is that IE 7 and Firefox both support it. If you're reading this from my website, and using one of these browsers, check out the upper-right search box in your browser. There's an arrow to choose more search providers and "Atomic News" should be one of them (IE7 goes all crazy orange to let you know). Why everyone doesn't have this setup is a mystery to me. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to search a website for "Shenanigans" but had a morbid fear of clicking the "search" link on the webpage. With this feature, you can set your fears aside and stay comfortably within the browser, without clicking on any of those scary links on the webpage. Since I know everyone added my search as one of their providers, you can now find out what I think about any topic immediately as you browse the web. Don't kid yourself, you know that's what you've been dreaming of for years.
User Comments for 03-19-2007:
Lloyd you're a tool. Just like Stavos. And you're Access database.
I still like my personalized google homepage with the embedded rss feeds. So when are you going to make the "human verification validater" automatically put the number in for us now?

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