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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-10-2013 Fucking Baby Parties! View Webcam for 11-10-2013 NO COMMENTS
Bronners 2013 With so many babies popping out lately, I thought it was high time to have a fucking baby party. Sadly, none of these babies could show up on the same day, so it wound up being more of two baby gatherings instead of a party. On the plus side, I bought way too much meat and cheeses so I could handily eat myself out of the depression from the whole debacle. In both gatherings, Lucy alternated between sleep and crying, while Lila promptly became hyper and over emotional alternating between joy and tantrums. This worked to confuse and distract the other babies and kept the chaos relatively controlled. I'd like to say I trained my daughters to perform the extremes, but in my heart I know it's genetics.
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