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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-16-2013 Last Motorcycle Ride View Webcam for 11-16-2013 3 COMMENTS
Today was leaf cleanup day, or at least my attempt at it. Lila assisted by giggling every time I aimed the leaf blower in her direction, and wandering off occasionally to give me worried parent heart attacks. Eventually she bored of my work, and asked to ride my motorcycle. Technically she said "Lilas motorcycle" which I interpreted to mean she wanted to go for one last ride before storing it for the winter. As I have written about in the past, and continue to freely admit here, I took her on a trip down to the end of my street and back as she repeated "go fast." Being as how Lisa never reads any of these updates (or anyone at all for that matter) I fear no reprisals. Oh yeah, my Xbox One shipped today as well, so that was nice.
User Comments for 11-16-2013:
What a nicely wrapped up package you gave me to blackmail you with a request for a Xbone, or I direct lisa to this article... P.S. i'm not kidding.
Senator Kelley
We would read more but the quality of the comments has really gone down hill.
What comments?
Senator Kelley

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