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Java Jungle After hearing about a place you can bring your kids to climb on gym equipment while you eat sandwiches and drink coffee, I had to check it out. Yes I know about Chuck E. Cheese, but Lila needs to toughen up more before I'm ready to bring here there. The toddler gangs at that place are legendary. On arrival to Java Jungle, a huge party was leaving which cleared a lot of space. The entire "3 and under" play area was empty, giving Lila free reign. She used the time to familiarize herself and prepare for the coming battle. Soon enough, 5 other kids well over 3 jumped into the area but Lila was ready. Using her tiger growl, she was able to secure the pink elephant slide and bouncy zebra, a full 1/3 of the territory. After explaining the zebra had no protection money to pay her, I decided it was time to graduate to the main area. While all the other parents buried their faces into their phones, I helped Lila organize a structured oligarchy where she ruled from the highest point.
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