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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-20-2013 Surface Pro View Webcam for 03-20-2013 1 COMMENT
Surface! Despite buying a Surface RT that I have no real use for, peer pressure has forced my hand into buying a Surface Pro. I was perfectly content with my RT until Marco decided he had the shakes for a Pro and started talking it up every chance he got. Then pushover TomTom started waffling and it was all over for me. How could I continue working without being part of the Surface club? The answer is I would not be able to, so I now own another device I have no real need for. The experience index is about what you would expect for a netbook, and more than satisfactory given the ultra portable size of it. Being able to play the new SimCity and Battlefield 3 on it helps make me feel a little better, but after loading Visual Studio and writing my hello world app for Windows 8 I can now cling to the idea of becoming a famous software developer for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (whereas before it was just Windows Phone 8). Now here's a creepy photo of the guy that forced me into buying this as he plays Civ 5.
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Why isn't your Surface a server? Boggle
Senator Kelley

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