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Rating: 4.25 - Link to this Article 11-24-2009 Coast to Coast Party View Webcam for 11-24-2009 4 COMMENTS
Coast to Coast Party Several months ago, I dared to dream of a day when Myrn and Joseph, two friends flung to opposite ends of the United States, would join me in an Xbox Live party. Tonight, that dream finally came true, with a genuine coast to coast party taking place. An attempt was made to play 1 vs 100, the only game we all had available, but mostly it was a glorious hour of utter nonsense and shenanigans far surpassing my expectations. Now our childhood dreams of killing zombies together will finally come to pass.
User Comments for 11-24-2009:
Ah-ha! The identity of the mysterious Scheezo is confirmed!
Felt like old times back in the late 90s. I for one approve this "No xbox left behind" program Brad created.
There's more where that came from!
I really don't want to comment, but I need 9 more.

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