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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-23-2009 Cougar SC Type EcoBoost View Webcam for 11-23-2009 7 COMMENTS
Type EcoBoost With my new car delayed indefinitely, I decided it was time to step it up and join the Honda Civic i-VTEC Type R crowd. Instead of getting a new car, I just slapped an emblem from a new car on my trunklid. Problem solved. While my boosted engine may qualify the emblem, breaking the rules for Type R branding, I still plan to rev my engine furiously when overmatched at a stoplight to compensate.
User Comments for 11-23-2009:
I'm still waiting for you to put a ferrari emblem on your cougay.
Doesn't EcoBoost use more efficient and higher-power turbos instead of belt driven ancient technology? Accuracy fail ;-)
Badge whore
how much was it? I want one.
By the way you can still get your focus st here in the states. Its just called a volvo c30. AND its a lot less than what an RS would cost you but you could order up the revo knuckle and other parts from the rs probably from a ford dealer or order them online. 26k for the R not bad. Same engine, chassis, but little different on the body styling. I like it.
Wonder if there will be one at the Autoshow??

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