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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-24-2007 Upgrade to Netgear WNR834B View Webcam for 07-24-2007 3 COMMENTS
WNR834B A recent woot brought the Netgear WNR834B Router to $50. I was holding out for the gigabit edition but it seldom falls below $120 so I decided I can't have everything and grabbed the bargain. My last router upgrade was a necessity for my then wireless media machine, but now that it's been properly wired this is purely a "looks better, runs faster" upgrade. The configuration screens between my old WPNT834 router and the new one were virtually identical, making configuration transfer easy except for the security configuration. Apparently my 64-bit WEP security just doesn't cut it anymore since the only options on the new router are "None" or "WPA2-PSK". My older computers can't do better than WEP, so this had me bummed until I figured out I could backup the config file and manually edit it using my old routers config file as a guide. A quick restore of my hacked config file and the WEP option magically appeared. Score one for Netgear on lame software, I guess removing the option makes the router "more secure" by eliminating older protocols. As you can see, the new router looks more menacing and has an equally impressive light show. Both are key features that prompted the purchase. Ron hasn't mentioned server speed in quite some time, but I'm again hoping I'll get a comment about a noticeable increase in packet handling speed.
User Comments for 07-24-2007:
I've had nothing but bad luck with the following equation "woot+netgrear" I bought a USB wireless card that heats up so much you can't touch it, and also bought a netgear router that still wont work till this day off of woot. refurbished ftl
Senator Kelley
more menacing != more power.
So much power it melts my wires! That's almost useful.
Senator Kelley

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-22-2007 Disc Golf Outing View Webcam for 07-22-2007 2 COMMENTS
Lisa and I had the opportunity to play some disc golf with Elder and his wife today at Cass Benton park. The Gator was a favored choice among the southerners, who played a fair game, but inexplicably had exactly one stroke more than me on every hole. This meant I won by an 18 stroke margin, proving the north can still crush the confederacy. This victory came about despite the Elder shooting my (now discontinued) Rocket X2 into the woods with his pellet gun, a failed attempt to prevent my victory on yet another hole despite the extra stroke rule for lost discs. Lisa maintained a whine level under 30% for the day, suggesting the Avenger served her well. Afterwards we went for some drinks and discussed my absolute superiority at the game of disc golf. A fine day indeed. The Senator was notably absent from this outing, he obviously forgot I own an airsoft gun. He will be dealt with shortly.
User Comments for 07-22-2007:
Sounds like I missed a fine day of diskgolf, the Elder's might of had a better chance against the evil North empire if Candy tagged along ( born in Georgia) ya she defected 20 years ago...
Senator Kelley
I'm still waiting for my invite -- you did say we'd take the kids one day for some fun...

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-21-2007 Nerds On Display View Webcam for 07-21-2007 14 COMMENTS
Hiding from wedding planners at Rons house, we decided to pass the time with some original Starcraft. A perfect 75 day made staying inside a crime, so an outside mini LAN was formed.
User Comments for 07-21-2007:
You can't even go outside with out being a nerd.
Ron needs to slouch more, he's making us un-proper posture nerds look bad!
Can a canadian ever make a normal person feel bad?
Morlock do you hover over Brad's site and hit refresh waiting for comments?
No, but I do have an alert set up to email me whenever a jackass posts a comment to the internet. So far its only sending me emails when you post.
Good thing I'm not Canadian!
Just a Canadian lover. That might be worse!
We really needed a third nerd to take a photo of us both geeking out together.
I think Chris is just upset that "Nerds on Display" got 8 comments right away while his "Morlock Evolution" entry only gathered 3, including my lame comment. :P
Nah. I'm really just upset that Brad hasn't put that Canadian IP filter on his site yet.
Morlocks get hostile when they start to evolve.
Morlocks eat Canadian's for breakfast!.... However only they know if they really do taste like bacon... from what i've been told.
Senator Kelley
Certain parts taste like bacon. Mostly they just taste like maple leaves and Molson 2
Hot damn! YEAH Pass the bacon.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-20-2007 Morlock Evolution View Webcam for 07-20-2007 8 COMMENTS
The Morlock closed on his house today, which is 4 houses down from my own. Yes, I was disappointed he didn't move to Morlock street as well. He is now one step closer to abandoning my basement for an above-ground dwelling. This will finally answer the question regarding morlocks and their ability to change into eloi. Should he locate entirely into the below-ground area of his new house I'll continue to invite him over when my fellow eloi gets out of hand. If, however, he spends the majority of time above-ground I'll have to start looking for a new morlock to meander menacingly and spread order through fear. The plus side of the move is a new riding lawnmower which doubles as a sweet ride between houses. The neighborhood folk, who I've learned deem me anti-social and frequently plot my downfall, were quite amused. I already miss the morlock and he's not even gone. At least I still have the original morlock.
User Comments for 07-20-2007:
aww, we'll miss you Morlock!
And my lifelong dream of only living 4 houses away from Brad is finally fulfilled. Whos ready for a block party?
So, any other houses for sale on the block? LOL...
Not for canadian lovers.
I feel sorry for the furry little Morlock, here's a sympathy comment...
Senator Kelley
Isn't it a crime to impersonate a senator? Off with his head!
Bah, I don't love all Canadians, only Canadian Strippers... :P
I hear Canadian strippers have all sorts of creepy crawlies, and diseases, thanks to the wonderful Canadian Medical program
Senator Kelley

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-16-2007 Awesome eCards View Webcam for 07-16-2007 2 COMMENTS
While not a big fan of eCards, the cheap side of me appreciates them. A coworker passed these along today, they are quite possibly the best available on the net. Check them out.
User Comments for 07-16-2007:
I'm still waiting for my ecard.
Oh Bradley... you send a tear to me eye.

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-12-2007 It's A Major Award! View Webcam for 07-12-2007 4 COMMENTS
Mountain Dew Mini Fridge While I was eating lunch today the UPS guy stopped by with a "mystery package." Assuming it wasn't a bomb, I opened it up to find a Mountain Dew Mini Fridge! I proceeded to jump up and down scaring Lisa enough to stop and explain the significance. For the past month I have been entering bottle cap codes into the Mountain Dew / Transformers sweepstakes. I typically don't enter contests but anything with Transformers on it is gold to me so I had no choice. Fortunately John and Brian helped me out with their codes until I had 25 and entered them all into the July 4th drawing, which won me one of the 250 they were awarding. Ecstatic that I now owned a fridge probably worth less than $50, I filled it up with Mountain Dew and brought it back to work to share the winnings with my fellow cap donators. Today I can confidently call myself a winner. Not as big of a winner as Lazlo in "Real Genius", but a winner nonetheless.
User Comments for 07-12-2007:
Yey for Mt Dew...
The prior mt dew sweepstake I won $20X2 for gas money but we all know it went to porn.
quoting Brad when he opened the box, *with wide open eyes* "I won it, I won it, poopy I dag gone won it!"
I once won a BMW desk clock. I thought it was really nice till I saw it in the sky mall catalogue for $100. I guess I didn't realize how nice it was. Its fun to win!

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-10-2007 Gnome Cam Fix View Webcam for 07-10-2007 1 COMMENT
After several possible EMP strikes against my GnomeCam, I decided it was more likely a bad connection. My solution was a single 100ft composite video cable to replace the 3 30 ft cables I had strung together to link the camera and capture card. No longer will your constant surveillance of my house be interrupted by melting images.
User Comments for 07-10-2007:
Has it been tested to survive a Transformer EMP gun? If so i'll buy 2!

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-08-2007 Cougarfest 2007 View Webcam for 07-08-2007 2 COMMENTS
Cougarfest, the yearly event I started for 1999-2002 Mercury Cougars ended yesterday. This year it was in Boardman, Ohio instead of our usual location for some variety. I drove down on Tuesday for a total of five nights of intoxicated Cougartainment. I was joined by 18 other early arrivals with our first order of business being a showing of the new Transformers movie, by far the best movie ever made. The hotel threatened to kick us out every night after breaking glass in the pool and parking lot, so the possibility that each night was the last increased alcohol consumption, which directly increased the level of shenanigans and brouhaha. Highlights included inflatable animal violations, pool volleyball, and a nose blowing SPL competition.
Event Photos
User Comments for 07-08-2007:
I am suffering from SEVERE Post Cougarfest Depression. I need a doctor
I am still suffering from POST COUGARFEST DEPRESSION!!!!!

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-01-2007 Another Adsense Check View Webcam for 07-01-2007 4 COMMENTS
Google Check Ten months after my last Google Adsense check, another one has appeared in the mail. While not as exciting as the first one, it's still nice to get a free 500GB hard drive from time to time, especially when on the quest for two terabytes.
User Comments for 07-01-2007:
About time you finally posted something on your blog. Honestly though, who the hell clicks on your adsense links.
If you had 10 websites you'd have a check every month. AMAZING!
"in reply to morlockprime" he does in his spare time ahhahahaha.
I don't even see the ads anymore, i'm sure it's 99.99% bots clicking the ads

Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-30-2007 Wedding Shower #1 View Webcam for 06-30-2007 2 COMMENTS
The great majority of Lisa's relatives live in Pennsylvania, so for their convenience (and not because it means 2 wedding showers) Lisa decided to have her first shower this weekend. I survived by drinking Arrogant Bastard Ale which intoxicated me sufficiently for gift unwrapping. The next morning was her grandparents 60th anniversary dinner where Lisa informed me she'd be looking for a place to bury my body on our 60th anniversary. Special thanks to Jenny for keeping us entertained throughout the trip, and somebody needs to buy me a stuffed snake.
User Comments for 06-30-2007:
Ive noticed that when I drink dark liquors I get all arrogant and angry at the world. I do not even notice it while I am drunk either.
Fun times, its like Christmas X1000. and you get real use to people giving you stuff for free

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