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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-23-2020 Dashcam Power Routing View Webcam for 06-23-2020 NO COMMENTS
Tired of looking at the cigarette lighter adapter running to my dashcam in both my cars, I decided today was the day I finally routed them properly. My Focus RS has an unused sunroof 12v source that I was easily able to modify the dashcam power supply to fit into. The Focus ST had a slightly more complicated solution, since it has a sunroof already using that source, but still relatively easy. Both cars already had a spot in the headliner for a wire to the european models more complicated center stack, so the end result looks relatively stock.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-22-2020 WeatherFlow Tempest View Webcam for 06-22-2020 NO COMMENTS
After a kickstarter ad for the WeatherFlow Tempest weather monitor kept flashing on my screen, I couldn't get the idea of mounting it on my mailbox out of my head. Fast forward to today, and I've gone and done it. The weather data it puts out for having no moving parts is pretty impressive. Some internet folks on the forums thought mail delivery would result in a false rain report (from vibration), but so far no problems. If I didn't have cameras on it 24/7 I'd be worried about someone stealing it, but at this point I'm pretty sure nobody even notices it's there, since it looks like a post itself.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-08-2020 Xbox CONSOLEidation View Webcam for 06-08-2020 NO COMMENTS
With the soon-to-arrive Xbox Series X, it's time to start purging my excessive collection of Xboxes. It's hard to part with my years of acquired special edition consoles, but my recent purchase of the Focus RS helps me liquidate with a purpose. The actual INCREASE in value on these things is also helpful. I'm always amazed when there are bigger nerds with more money than me willing to pay a premium for my old crap. Now that I'm pared back to minimum Xbox count, I'm ready to fill back up on the new version.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-30-2020 Focus RS Acquired View Webcam for 05-30-2020 NO COMMENTS
With my divorce behind me, and my need for a Focus RS never having been satisifed, I found a great deal on a manufacturer buyback nitrous blue example in beautiful condition. Already a fan of refurbished products, I figure this one has all the future problems fixed since a good 20% of the car has been replaced, but just to be safe I bought an extra 3 years on the warranty. Once it finally arrived from Iowa, I removed the 5+ ridiculous stickers the dealer put on it, along with the front licence plate bracket. Of course I upgraded the Sync version, although I learned the non-navigation head unit may not have enough memory to add navigation, so I played it safe and stuck with non-nav. I also got new shoes, since the existing factory tires had plugs and screws in them. It arrived with an almost dead battery and less than 2 gallons of gas, so the dealer was clearly determined to make it the worst possible experience they could. Once the battery was fully charged, I discovered the joys of auto-stop. After 3 minutes of being auto-stopped, the car actually gets worried you don't know how to re-start the engine again. I enabled global windows and disabled the honk-on-exit in the PCM computer, but left auto-stop on since I actually like it when I'm sitting at a red light, and it's easy enough to disable via button. Now that all my customization was done, it was time to scare my kids, but sadly the audio was disabled on the dash cam. At least I got their first reactions recorded for drift mode and launch control. It fits nicely next to my Focus ST, and since Ford is no longer making cars I'm glad I have an example of each of their last hot hatches.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 04-03-2020 Network Topology Update: New PCs View Webcam for 04-03-2020 NO COMMENTS
I decided it was time my kids each had their own dedicated PC for Coronavirus homeschooling. A $100 PC deal naturally appeared, and after an SSD upgrade and the latest BIOS update, I had some pretty capable machines ready for e-learning. With two new machines added, it was of course time to update to the network topology diagram as tradition dictates. A recent deal also allowed me to finally wire my home theater properly instead of just a hole in the wall.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 04-01-2020 Sync 3.4 Upgrade View Webcam for 04-01-2020 NO COMMENTS
After finding this article with detailed instructions on how to upgrade my old and boring 2017 Focus ST Sync software to the latest and greatest, I decided to forge ahead despite the inherent risk of upgrading on April 1st. The process went off without a hitch and I now have the 2020 Sync 3.4 system with the latest navigation maps. As a bonus, I also have a redundant climate screen in case my physical climate controls melt away. This upgrade compliments my global window and double honk modifications nicely, in that no physical changes were required. My obnoxious bypass valve remains the only physical modification after my life lessons from changing everything possible on my late 1999 Mercury Cougar.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-27-2020 Folding@Home View Webcam for 03-27-2020 NO COMMENTS
I decided it was time to rejoin the distributed computing world since my last adventure ended long before SETI@Home shut down. Since Folding@Home is focusing on coronavirus, I decided it was a noble cause even if it does nothing to help the current situation. More importantly, I get to compete with my same nemesis from the last adventure, and his equipment is probably just as superior this time around. Even with the client maxing out my resources, my computer is still usable and relatively cool. Work units are in high demand so there are lots of timeouts, but most of the time I'm chugging along making the most of my average specd system.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 02-01-2020 Network Topology Update View Webcam for 02-01-2020 NO COMMENTS
While my MSPaint skills shone strongly in my previous network map, I decided to upgrade to a more specific software package for the latest version. I also included my wireless devices, because when you've got topology tools as slick as this then why not.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-22-2019 South Camera Relocate View Webcam for 09-22-2019 NO COMMENTS
With my neighbor consistently having tall vehicles filling his entire driveway, it was time to change my view from obscured to empowered. After a quick trip up the ladder and some re-routing of wires, my south facing camera rises above the noise.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 09-13-2019 Surge Protected HVAC View Webcam for 09-13-2019 NO COMMENTS
After what I assume was an electrical storm shorted my blower motor in my HVAC, I decided it was time to add some surge protection for the most expensive electronic device in my house. The Intermatic AG3000 fit the bill for $50, and is a much cheaper option compared to replacing a blower motor. After my virtual electrician blessed my modifications, I flipped the breaker and basked in the confident surge protected glow of the AG3000. I'm hoping the AC compressor is more resilient to power spikes due to it's much simpler (and logic board-less) design and can survive without one, but only the next storm will truly tell.
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