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Friends! The Senator decided to arrange a meeting of epic proportions in the guise of a going away party for my upcoming exit from the state. While I'm clearly not worthy of the friends I've accumulated, it was nice to see everyone show up and make homophobic jokes at each others expense. The kids all jumped in the neighbors trampoline and the adults shot darts at each others faces. After a few beers I got as close as I can to sentimental and thanked the Senator for his efforts (and food).
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Cousins! Lisas annual family reunion did not disappoint this year, with all cousins reporting for adventure at the usual stops. A fairly large pool was thrown in the mix this year as well giving both Lila and Lucy an extra dose of giggles.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-11-2014 Server Has a New Home View Webcam for 06-11-2014 1 COMMENT
With the house empty and for sale, I decided it was time to cancel my cable service. After disconnecting this server, my home server and the media center I realized I'd also be returning the cable card in my media center. I'm finally a cable cutter, but not really because I'm sure I'll still get some basic channels at my dads house. Speaking of which, I subsequently moved all machines into my dads basement so I'm officially based at his house now. My dream of being a 30 something living at home has finally come to pass, and to celebrate I upgraded his router to support the port forwarding needed to run this server out of his basement. Sadly, the Gnomecam and Weather pages will no longer update, but saving $120 / month in cable bills is enough to help me get over my loss.
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Looks like you botched your spam check as well! Commenting on Brad's site is dead!

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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-06-2014 Grandma Funeral View Webcam for 06-06-2014 ADD A COMMENT
Grandma Funeral While it's sad my grandma passed away, the funeral was a great big family reunion that got Lila all riled up and Lucy handed around like a hot potato. I was unable to farm Xbox achievements at this funeral as it as a more rural setting, but the bonfire and polaris rides more than made up for it. It was nice to spend a weekend with my cousin and his family, and Lila enjoyed destroying/hiding his kids toys while Lucy as usual just enjoyed being Lucy.
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-05-2014 Bitcoin Rampdown View Webcam for 06-05-2014 ADD A COMMENT
Bitcoin Dropoff After successfully mining half a bitcoin, I decided it was time to ramp down my operations. On May 25th I sold both of my ASICMiner cubes on eBay (for half of what I paid for them) and purchased two Antminer U2 devices. I couldn't just go cold turkey with bitcoin, but you can clearly see the dropoff that happens when you go from almost 70 GH/s down to a measly 4 GH/s. Hopefully this new (more power friendly) setup keeps the itch away without costing close to $40 / month in electricity. I was also starting to have a thermal crisis in my garage without the cold of winter keeping the temps down. I quit Litecoin and am mining Dogecoin exclusively at work (because Doge).
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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 06-03-2014 Buy My House View Webcam for 06-03-2014 1 COMMENT
House for Sale My house is now officially for sale, and today both the sign and first showing arrived. After spending over 30 minutes at the house, they do not appear to have made an offer completely crushing my expectation that the house would sell for the asking price immediately. So begins the long wait for the sucker willing to pay me well over market price for a house with a barn in the back yard.
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You have plenty of bots that seem interested!
Senator Kelley

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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-31-2014 Shrubbery! View Webcam for 05-31-2014 1 COMMENT
My increased activity and attention toward my house was bound to bring attention from someone, and that someone was a contractor working for my neighbor. He did the standard sales pitch of "anything you need help with" which I rejected out of habit before remembering my shrubs had not been trimmed since I moved in. Sensing a sucker, I offered him $40 to trim them up and make them look sell able. Surprisingly, this guy did an unbelievable job most likely knowing I'd gladly tip him an additional $20 for making it look professional. I now have to question my standard "no thanks" response when I get solicited by contractor folk, they aren't as hateful of life as Carney folk.
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Based only on the perspective from the Gnome cam, everything looks the same to me. Fraud!
Senator Kelley

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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-28-2014 The Bagster View Webcam for 05-28-2014 1 COMMENT
With the move to South Carolina looming, it was time to clear out my house of unnecessary crap. If it were up to me, I'd simply toss/sell anything that wasn't electronic, but Lisa feels we need additional crap. Fortunately, my crap is excluded from her requirements so two bagsters were purchased from Home Depot and setup in my driveway. Over the next few days I filled both bags with 10 years of accumulated junk and old furniture then setup the pickup time. At 6 a.m. I was awaken and informed that placing them on the driveway meant I had to sign a waiver for any damage the truck did during pickup. Half asleep, I gladly signed and began taking photos of the whole process immediately. The $200 total cost of the entire process was well worth the entertainment and debris removal, considering the cost of a standard dumpster is upwards of $500. I can't recommend it enough.
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Senator Kelley

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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 05-23-2014 Tranny Race View Webcam for 05-23-2014 1 COMMENT
Today we were cordially required to attend a "Tranny Race" presented by a radio show to advertise our products while on air. I'm not sure how a radio show benefits from showing product, but I'm not a marketer so I went along with it. I'm also not one to complain about getting an hour outside during work. After filling up on free coffee, and being told the complementary massage chair was full, I decided it was time to get a photo with two trannies. As you can tell, the guy on the right was impressed, as were my co-workers who regarded me with both respect and hesitation for the remainder of the day.
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They're wax. clearly.
Senator Kelley

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