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Rating: 4.11 - Link to this Article 07-20-2009 Stavos' 1,000th Comment! View Webcam for 07-20-2009 9 COMMENTS
This is history in the making! Today Stavos broke the 1,000 comment barrier after a cryptic remark on my Cougarfest update. As promised, a google-adsense-check funded trip to Kart2Kart in his honor is in order. All 3 people who read and post to this blog are hereby invited to the to-be-announced event. The senator will also be presented with the lamest cake I can find to enjoy between karting heats, pieces of which fellow attendees are invited to throw in his face. Pick your date and attendees Senator Kelley, the people are in awe of your ability to make 1,000 snide remarks on 970 examples of uninteresting material. They're also amazed the Access database can actually count that high.
1000th Comment
User Comments for 07-20-2009:
Thank you sir for the awesomeness that's sure to follow!
Woot! Senator, you're my hero. You've proven that you're at least 1000 times better than a canadian!
Well, I guess that 3 some count is Stavos, Morlock and me.. Morlock better charter a flight! I expect a fully expense paid trip for him and myself in order to participate in said celebration as Brad's 3 sole supporters! woo hoo!
Too true my canadian amigo...without the three of us, this site would be....well...less than the nothing it already is.
Wow my 1000th post united the Canadian and Morlock! I thought i'd never live to see the day!
Bah, that AZ fool doesn't count. The 3rd must be me. Besides, I have a pretty flashing icon next to my name...
If I still lived up that way I would be out there for sure.
Woo hoo!! What a celebration party! Rock on. Had a blast.

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