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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-13-2008 GameFly Is Superfly! View Webcam for 11-13-2008 6 COMMENTS
GameFly After deciding $60 for a new Xbox game could instead buy me 4 months of a 1-game-out GameFly rental subscription, I decided to take the plunge and signed up for an account yesterday. After setting up my queue with Mirrors Edge at the top I restrained myself from hoping I'd get it any time soon, instead expecting to get the first "Available Now" title (Assasins Creed) as my first game. An email today, however, had me tickled pink as I learned the 'just released' game is on it's way. And while I wait for it, I can learn the controls and download the manual. If it arrives before the weekend I may just have to do a happy dance.
User Comments for 11-13-2008:
I'm using gamefly too. You usually have to have a game in your que right when it is released. They have even skipped over a high availability game and shipped something farther down my list.
w00t pr0n! whatfly? I can't read the full article without getting distracted.
A game / piece of mail has never gotten me as excited as that picture. Unlike brad, who generally gets that excited over a piece of male.
So does the male man deliver males into your box?
I think the male man just comes over to put his male into brad's box.
I think brad needs a HD resolution of that photo above and the two of you needs to stop talking about male men.

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