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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-10-2006 Cougarfest 2006 View Webcam for 07-10-2006 5 COMMENTS
Cougarfest, the yearly event I started for 1999-2002 Mercury Cougars ended yesterday. This year I drove down on Tuesday, July 4th for a total of five nights, the longest Cougarfest I've had yet. Fortunately I wasn't the only nut who showed up so early, and we decided to celebrate the holiday by lighting fireworks off the hotel roof. Naturally the security guard was not happy with our choice, and confiscated our stash. The next morning we found out just how much money Cougarfest brings in to the hotel when we were apologized to and our fireworks returned to us by the management. Never before have I been apologized to for comitting an illegal act. Highlights from this year include a 15 Cougar drive-in, pool volleyball, Karaoke, rental car abuse, Ranger abuse and the events leading to the best photo of me ever. The Canadians and my local group of Cougar owners always make the event enjoyable, but this year everyone was also blessed with the entertainment of laughing seizure Lisa, who despite having little interest in Cougars still managed to have a great time. The drive to and from Cougarfest was uneventful, so I entertained myself by zipping up and down our caravan from time to time.
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Cougarfest 2006
User Comments for 07-10-2006:
Looked like fun, sweet use of the google video, and you damn kids get off the roof!!!
Gotta love midnight, drunken calls to the lawyer... :P
Damn... too long till next year
do u have to drive a cougar to attend cougarfest?
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No you don't have to drive a cougar. You can also drive a cougay just like all of the people in the photo above.

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