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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 11-10-2020 New Xboxes Secured View Webcam for 11-10-2020 NO COMMENTS
Last month after an hour of slamming refresh, I was actually able to secure pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and S. Today they arrived and after setting them up I'm not as impressed as I'd hoped. The graphics don't seem that much better than my Xbox One X was able to produce, but hopefully that gets better as the developers optimize further. The storage speed is vastly improved, all my games start faster than they did on my One X even with the SSD I installed on it. One drawback is a total drop for Kinect support, and of course my kids still play the dance game, so for now my trusty Xbox One X remains to play a single game. Everything else transfers nicely to the new one. And now of course, it's time for a new topology map.
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