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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-31-2013 Happy Easter View Webcam for 03-31-2013 1 COMMENT
Easter Lila awoke to the paparazzi documenting her awakening. Today was the day she got to hunt for eggs from rabbits! Forget all the things we taught her about mammals and live birth, this was happening! Immediately excited after her first discovery, she exclaimed "abo" or however her default word is spelled at each egg she found, all the while sporting a hairstyle worthy of the 1980s. After uncovering them all, she discovered there was chocolate inside them. Thus began the largest sugar consumption of her young life, followed by the biggest sugar crash after brunch resulting in a 3 hour nap. Oh sugar.
User Comments for 03-31-2013:
My parents hid the basket itself instead of eggs. Each year got increasingly difficult. One of the last time's it ended up in the spare tire compartment of my moms Suburu.
Senator Kelley

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