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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-29-2013 Webcam Upgrade View Webcam for 03-29-2013 1 COMMENT
Over 5 years ago I upgraded to a Hawk 147-IRCB and I can conclude it was a wise investment. It stood watch over all the Robbie adventures, and the Morlock departure, faithfully capturing without any interruptions. A comparison between first activation and today however, suggests the IR light might be dimming. All it took was a Zmodo CM-S23349SV on Woot to convince me to push the button. Alas, the new camera has a much more narrow field of view and doesn't seem to be as clear as the trusty Hawk it replaced. You can see the difference from the 3:32pm Webcam Images, but to be fair it could be the now 8 year old 12v power supply causing the problem. Being too cheap to buy another power supply, may end up going back to the trusty Hawk.
User Comments for 03-29-2013:
I heard this guy at does this for realz and professional like. I also heard he made the gnome cam. Just sayin
Senator Kelley

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