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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 04-01-2012 Suck It Instagram View Webcam for 04-01-2012 1 COMMENT
I can't stand Instagram. It's an app that applies various filters to your photos and then uploads them to Facebook with the filters PERMANENTLY applied. Anyone who does a Facebook dive into their past that doesn't back up original photos will be wishing they had the unfiltered photos instead of the fad-craze version as the only copy. Fortunately, I found this article which makes all the sarcastic insults for me and saves me some effort writing this. Oh yeah, APRIL FOOLS, but for real Instagram sucks.
User Comments for 04-01-2012:
Time to make a unInstantgram app. It reverts the 70's filter and makes it look like a modern photo!
Senator Kelley

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