Your Expected Survival Time in U.S. Prisons
By analyzing your physical and mental state, this test will yield a good indication of how long you will be able to survive unviolated in the U.S. Prison system.
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Physical Characteristics
Age: Weight: Height:
Build: Shoe: Hair:
Personal Information
What is your first name:
What is your occupation:
How many pets do you own:
What is your primary vehicle:
Situational Responses
When confronted with someone larger than yourself, you:
When meeting someone for the first time, you should:
What do you do if a big guy asks if you want to share his cot?:
If you drop a bar of soap in a shower, you:
If you heard that your cellmate was going to kill you, what would you do?:
If you found out your cellmate is Peewee Herman what would you do?: