AtomicInternet AutoSurvey AtomicInternet AutoSurvey
Welcome to the AtomicInternet AutoSurvey.
This tool allows you to create a custom survey, providing links to both the survey, and the results.
You can choose to share the results with your survey participants, or keep the results to yourself.

Either way there are some things to keep in mind while creating your survey:
  1. If you are creating a fairly involved survey, write it out first, then create the survey.
  2. NEVER use the BACK button, or go back in your browser unless directed to. If you mess up, simply go through to the end and click the REJECT button to start over.
  3. If you have any problems/questions, email
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Click the button below to start your Survey. Remember to write your survey down first before using the tool.

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If you have any problems/questions, email