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Rating: 3.75 - Link to this Article 04-22-2009 Left 4 Dead Survival Pack View Webcam for 04-22-2009 4 COMMENTS
Left 4 Dead Survivor DLC The new Left 4 Dead Survival Pack launched last night creating a new game mode that turned out to be exceedingly difficult. Greeted with 20+ gas cans and propane tanks on a tiny map gave us a clue about what we'd be facing, but after exhausting all the explosives and lasting a maximum of 3 minutes it was a slaughter. The reason became clear after consulting the spawn chart. Next up was versus mode on the two other campaigns which wasn't as exciting, but at least felt new. All in all not bad for a free download, and definitely something to get good at.
User Comments for 04-22-2009:
Brad you were great last night, to bad I was rusty I need more practice.
Good thing that comment was in the Left for Dead post. Morlock would of been all over that.
I hate video games
Grumpy Smurf
Someone ban the blue turd's IP! We don't need to hear the game haters in here!

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