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After constant badgering by Keith to get a twitter account resulted in my rejection of it (similar to my rejection of the Ikea cult), I received an email from my non-blogging and non-commenting wife suggesting I create a twitter account. Taking it like a slap in the face, I immediately started making fun of her to which she simply twittered a response. The irony immediately shut me up, and I accepted the fact that soon I will be the only person on Earth who hasn't been to Ikea and does not have a twitter account.
User Comments for 07-21-2008:
I'm with you man, Never will have a twitter account or been to Ikea although I pass by that huge blue and yellow building at least once a week to see family. And well Twitter is just stupid.
Twitted is like micro blogging. I use it to tell friends when I'm gaming and what I'm playing.
But technically you should always tell them that your twittering at that very moment that's what your doing. Also Xfire pretty much does that automatically for you. Just saying.
Surrender to the dark side Stavos and Lloyd. Then we can know what you're doing all the time.....without having to look through your windows with binoculars.

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